Tuition + Fees

An Investment for a Lifetime

A Lowell education is one of the best investments you can make in your child’s academic, intellectual, social, and emotional development—their path to future aspirations. We believe that our one-of-a-kind learning environment provides students with a life-long passion for learning and desire for meaningful service to others, local communities, and the world—qualities that you cannot put a price on. All of our overnight experiences from 4th through 8th grade including Middle School capstone trips are included in the tuition. Please note, Lowell’s After Care, Bus Service, and Lunch Service programs are not included in tuition. Click on the links below to read more about these programs and related fees.

2019-20 Tuition

Pre-Primary School, Mornings     $19,340
Pre-Primary School, All Day     $30,515
Primary School, K    $36,515
Primary School, 1-3    $37,710
Primary School, 4-5    $38,430
Middle School, 6-8    $40,320
Tuition Refund Plan    1.0% of tuition
optional but recommended
New Student Fee    $500 (non-refundable)
due with contract in each of the first two years of enrollment


Upon signing the enrollment contract, a non-refundable $1500 deposit is due. This deposit is applied toward the tuition balance.

New Student Fee: $1000, split into two payments of $500 each in the first and second year of attendance.

Payment Options

List of 4 items.

  • One-Payment Plan

    Full tuition to be paid by June 1, 2017. You will receive an invoice from Lowell prior to the due date.
  • Two-Payment Plan

    60% of tuition and fees due on June 2017 and 40% of tuition and fees due on January 2018. Payments must be made by direct debit from your bank account to TADS, our online payment system.
  • 10-Month Payment Plan

    Tuition and fees paid in 10 consecutive equal monthly payments with the first payment due on 2017 and continuing through 2018. Payments must be made by direct debit from your bank account to TADS, our online payment system.
  • Tuition Refund Plan

    Lowell makes a Tuition Refund Plan available, offered by AWG Dewar, to proved reimbursement of tuition in the event of permanent separation of the student from the school. Participation in the Tuition Refund Plan is strongly recommended, but optional.