How to Apply for Financial Aid

Thank you for your interest in Lowell School! We look forward to introducing you to our warm community of life-long learners. With a strong focus on diversity, Lowell is committed to providing an inclusive educational experience for as many qualified students as possible. We use the information you provide in this process to understand your unique financial circumstances and, because financial aid is 100% need-based, it is important to have a complete financial picture for your family. We appreciate the time and effort that goes into this application.

Submitting An Application

Lowell uses TADS Financial Aid to process our financial aid applications.

Financial aid applications that are not submitted by the due date or that are incomplete upon submission are automatically waitlisted and only considered if funds become available.

Prospective families who believe they might need financial aid at some point during their child's tenure at Lowell should begin the financial aid application process along with their application for admission. Do not wait until your child has been admitted to apply for financial aid; funds will not be available at that time. Financial aid applications that are not submitted by the due date or incomplete upon submission are only considered if funds become available.

  • Please note: SSS recently acquired TADS; they took the TADS calculation we've worked hard to tailor to Lowell and transferred it to the SSS framework. It is now called TADS FA. Families who applied last year will recognize the Family Portal where you can begin your application.
  • Families who have used TADS FA or SSS in the past may simply log in. New users should create an account. Please use code 4700 for Lowell School.
  • Follow the "Complete your Parents' Financial Statement (PFS)" link and begin your application. This can take some time, be sure to have your current year's taxes handy.
  • Submit and pay for the PFS. Fee waivers are automatically granted to families who qualify based on SSS income guidelines.
  • Upload copies of the required documents (listed below) to your TADS FA account.

Additional required documents:
  • Current year income statements. This includes W2s, 1099s, unemployment statements, and Social Security income statements.
  • Most recent federal tax forms (IRS form 1040) and relevant schedules. Business owners and those in partnerships must include Schedule C, Schedule E, Form 1120, and/or K-1.
  • Additional documents may be requested.

Need more help? Please consult the "Applying for Financial Aid " flyer from TADS FA or visit the TADS FA Family Resource website, which has a wealth of information to assist you in the process, including flyers, step-by-step instructions, a tax primer, webinars, and a dedicated parent support line.

We look forward to working with your family!
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