How to Apply for Financial Aid

We encourage prospective families to begin the admissions and financial assistance application process at the same time. Waiting to apply for financial assistance until after an admissions decision makes it more likely that there will not be enough assistance available to meet your family’s need.

Getting Organized

Lowell uses TADS (a secure site designed to help assess financial need) to gather the information necessary for determining financial assistance eligibility. To learn more about the process, visit the TADS FAQs for Families flyer.

Important Dates

Please make note of the deadlines below to allow yourself the time you need to complete the application.

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  • Dec

    Current Family Financial Aid Applications Due

  • Apr

    Financial Aid applicants 2018 tax returns due

How to Apply

Step-by-Step Guide to submitting an application to TADS.

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  • Collect required documentation

    Before you begin, gather documentation to make it easier to complete the application
    • 2017 or 2018 federal tax return and supporting documents (W2, 1099, paystubs)
    • Utility bills
    • Rent or mortgage payment information
    • Debt information (loans, medical bills, credit card debt, etc.)
  • Set up a TADS account

    Go to the TADS website ( and click on "Financial Aid Assessment: Click Here to Apply" or click on the button below to begin.

    The first time you visit, you will need to click on "Create New Account." You will be prompted to enter an email address and a password. This will be your username and password throughout the process.

    From here, there will be a series of drop-down menus, and you will be directed to the application.
  • Complete the TADS worksheet

    There is a printable worksheet available on the TADS website at the beginning of the online application, or you can click on the button below for the pdf. Please take advantage of the practice worksheet; it will make the rest of the process go very smoothly!

  • Fill out and submit your FA Application

    Select Lowell School by clicking through the State/City/School dropdowns

    One application per family (or per parent in the case of separate households). Both biological parents must submit financial information as part of the application process. A non-refundable processing fee of $39 per household will apply.

     If you file 1041, 1065, 1120, or 1120S forms with your taxes, there may be an additional charge of $19. If this fee applies to you, you will be prompted during the application process.
  • Submit required documentation

    2017 and 2018 tax returns as well as W-2s are part of a complete application.

    Documents may be uploaded directly to directly to the TADS website or submitted by mail or fax.  

    If you wish. you may also submit a letter explaining any additional circumstances you would like our financial assistance committee to consider.

    1201 Hawthorne Avenue, Suite 100
    Minneapolis, MN 55403
    (fax) 612-548-3326

    Within 48 hours of receiving these documents, TADS will send a confirmation via email.
  • Questions

    For help completing or accessing the application, contact TADS:

    800-477-8237 (phone) (email) (online chat)
  • Financial Aid decisions

    Current Families
    Preliminary grant notifications will be sent in January. Grant amounts will be finalized after tax forms and W-2s have been reviewed.

    Prospective Families

    Financial aid decisions will be sent along with offers of acceptance in March. All financial information is confidential. Please be assured that final admission decisions are in no way influenced by a request for aid.

    We cannot guarantee the availability of funds to families whose financial aid forms are submitted later than the deadlines. Incomplete financial aid applications will be placed on a financial aid waiting list and will be processed as funds remaining in the financial aid budget permit.


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