Middle School

We have designed every aspect of our Middle School program to empower students to grow into their best selves, identify their academic strengths and goals, and make a positive impact in their classes, their communities, and beyond.

Intentional. Responsive. Transformational.

When students understand that learning is not separate from their own interests, needs, and identities—or from the world outside of school—their motivation and independence grow. Our Middle School teachers tailor classroom experiences so that students are challenged and supported in applying their learning in creative and practical ways. We set high expectations for students in all academic endeavors, encouraging them to investigate multiple viewpoints, fully engage in both individual and collaborative projects, and reflect on concepts and lessons learned in ways that fuel even more learning.

During these years, we also frequently expand the field of learning beyond our classroom walls. We take students to local sites of interest, on extended trips outside the DC metro area, and even overseas to open their eyes and minds to new perspectives, values, and ways of life. These opportunities deepen students’ understanding of how individuals can meaningfully and skillfully interact with communities both near and far.

As a result, Lowell students experience true academic rigor and graduate well-equipped to succeed at the next level of their education. Furthermore, they leave with a toolbox of good study skills and habits, and the confidence, creativity, and empathy they need to tackle new challenges throughout their lives.
Lowell School is a private PK-8th grade school located in NW Washington, DC. Our mission is to create an inclusive community of lifelong learners in which each individual is valued and respected.