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  • When should I apply for financial aid?

    If you believe that you will need financial aid, you should begin the admissions process and the financial aid process at the same time. Do not wait until your child has been admitted to apply for financial aid. It is unlikely that funds will be available at that time.

    Financial aid applications that are not submitted by the due date or that are incomplete upon submission are automatically wait listed and only considered if funds become available. Families who wait until after they are accepted to apply for financial aid, barring extenuating circumstances, are unlikely to receive financial aid.
  • Should I apply for financial aid?

    There is no income level that automatically qualifies a family for or disqualifies a family from financial aid. Families should complete the financial aid process if they feel that the full cost is more than they can afford.

    Although Lowell has a significant financial aid budget, we may not be able to provide financial aid grants to all qualified applicants. We encourage families to explore all options (including extended-family financial support) before applying for assistance.
  • Will applying for financial aid have an impact on the admission decision for my child?

    No. Admission decisions are made first by an Admissions Committee without regard to need. After admission decisions are made, grants are determined by the Financial Aid Committee.
  • How much aid can I expect?

    All families are expected to pay a portion of the tuition and fees for their child to attend Lowell. Approximately 1/3 of our students receive some financial assistance. We do not award 100% tuition grants. Some accepted families may be added to our financial aid wait-list.

    Students receiving aid for tuition also receive grants toward the cost of most school activities, including the After School Program, Fall Bazaar, Annual Auction, and Summer Camp.
  • Do you offer aid at all grade levels?

    Financial aid is available to all full-time students in the Pre-Primary School through 8th grade. Aid is not available to families of students enrolled in our half-day Pre-Primary School program.
  • Does Lowell offer merit or athletic scholarships?

    There are no merit-based or athletic scholarships available at Lowell. All aid is need-based.
  • How is financial need determined?

    Financial aid awards are decided by Lowell's Financial Aid Committee. 

    The Committee reviews reports and estimated family contribution (EFC) sent by SSS that recommend what each family can reasonably contribute toward tuition. Lowell makes grant decisions based on the information received from SSS, as well as the total number of families applying for aid and available funds.
  • What happens if I am unable to meet the deadlines or my file is incomplete?

    Applications received after the deadline will be placed in our financial aid wait pool. When your file is complete, we will be able to make grant determinations as funds become available.
  • If I cannot afford the family contribution suggested in the financial aid award letter, is there an appeal process?

    Yes. You should contact Director of Finance and Operations Chris Ginter to inquire about our appeal process. Once grant decisions are made, however, additional funding is rarely available.
  • What if I have a special circumstance not covered by the application?

    There is a section on the application to indicate circumstances such as job loss, medical emergencies, uncooperative spouses, etc. We encourage you to submit a letter outlining these circumstances in greater detail along with your required documents.
  • How does the financial aid application process work for separated or divorced parents?

    Both parents, whether married, separated, divorced, or remarried are expected to bear joint responsibility for the cost of educating their child to the extent that they are able. We require each parent to apply and complete the SSS process. Lack of information from either parent may prevent determination of eligibility for tuition assistance.



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