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As part of our belief in the value of intentional diversity in all its forms, Lowell strives for a student body that represents varied economic backgrounds. We are committed to providing an inclusive educational experience for as many qualified students as possible, regardless of financial means.
We recognize that paying for tuition is a significant financial commitment and offer a robust need-based financial aid program to help offset the cost of tuition. When financial need is demonstrated, Lowell makes every effort to help bridge the gap.

Every family is expected to contribute to the cost of their child’s education to the extent that they are able. Lowell does not award 100% tuition grants, and grants over 50% of tuition are very rare.

Returning families must re-apply for financial aid every school year, and Lowell will do everything possible to continue to meet each family’s financial need. However, as both the school’s and a family’s financial status may change from year to year, an award one year does not guarantee the same award the following year.

General Information

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  • Fast Facts

    Financial aid is available to full-time students in Pre-Primary School through 8th grade. Students attending our mornings-only Pre-Primary program are not eligible.

    A third of Lowell’s students receive financial aid.

    We do not award 100% assistance grants, and grants over 50% of tuition are very rare.

    Tuition covers all educational costs for the school year, including field trips, overnight trips, books and supplies, and laptop computers for Middle School students.

    The cost of After Care is not included in the cost of tuition; however, students receiving financial aid will also receive assistance for After Care in the same percentage as their tuition assistance.

    No financial aid is offered for the bus or optional school lunch. Small discounts are offered for minicourses and at other times throughout the year.
  • Decisions

    Current families will be notified of preliminary awards in January. Award amounts will be finalized after families’ most recent tax returns and W2s have been submitted and reviewed.

    Prospective families will receive award notifications along with offers of acceptance in March.
  • Who Should Apply?

    Lowell offers financial aid to families with a wide range of financial needs. A variety of factors are used to determine financial need, including income, assets, debts, family size, and the number of children attending tuition-charging schools. If, after assessing your family’s financial circumstances, you find that you cannot consider enrollment without assistance, we suggest you apply.

    Lowell School’s decisions regarding admission are made independently of requests for financial aid.

    If you believe that you will need financial aid, you should begin the admissions process and the financial aid process at the same time. Do not wait until your child has been admitted to apply for financial aid. It is unlikely that funds will be available at that time.

    Financial aid applications that are not submitted by the due date or that are incomplete upon submission are automatically waitlisted and only considered if funds become available.

    For more information, visit our web page How to Apply.


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