Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Lowell teaches children to fully embrace the humanity, dignity, and individuality of all people, so that they may serve now and in the future as agents of change in a world that continually struggles with inclusion and equity.

Our Shared Values

Anchored in our history and mission, we believe that the foundations of advocacy are laid in childhood and early adolescence; to dismantle systems of oppression, exclusion and inequality, a child must fundamentally value the worth of all people as equals from the youngest of ages. Established in 1965, just one year after Congress passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Lowell’s founders specifically wanted to disrupt the existing norms, and “wanted the school to be as inclusive and heterogeneous as possible” (Judith Grant, Lowell: The First Thirty Years). Over five decades later, we continue to be a leader outside the Lowell community and to uphold Grant’s values with determination and intention, recognizing that diversity in all its variations is both vital to an excellent educational experience and to building a stronger, more compassionate society.

It is still critical, at this moment in time, to call out and distinguish the work of equity and inclusion in order to ensure that the work remains a priority at many schools. While this is also true at Lowell, much of our work in this arena is also completely woven into the fabric of our school - from how we build our community through admissions and hiring, to how we design and implement curriculum, and even to how we provide students with a full range of skin tone bandages in the nurse's office: practicing authentic inclusivity in everyday moments, while also providing a learning experience for students about the ways that our larger American and global society is still systemically an exclusive experience for so many.

A Lowell student is immersed daily in an environment that strives to provide opportunities for connection and curiosity, for respect and understanding. We aspire to actively and authentically embrace the individuality of every member of our community and aim to produce graduates who are engaged citizens in the world, always advocating for equity and justice.

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Lowell School is a private PK-8th grade school located in NW Washington, DC. At Lowell students gain the knowledge, skills, and social-emotional literacy to be the bold leaders and creative problem solvers our world needs.