Pre-Primary School

Young children are naturally curious. Our Pre-Primary School takes a child's curiosity and multiplies it so that our youngest students discover the joy of learning, grow in their confidence, and develop strong fundamental skills for Kindergarten and for life.

Early Education Experts

At Lowell, children are guided to embrace experiences in the world around them—exploring puzzles and magnets in our Wonder Lab, making friends and resolving conflicts, playing instruments, counting objects and graphing data, learning new words in English and Spanish, observing frogs and fish in the creek in our front yard, and even practicing yoga! In a kind and gentle way, teachers encourage children to stretch and learn every day.

Lowell teachers recognize that young children require an engaging learning environment where they feel safe and connected to their teachers and classmates. Our teachers are especially skilled in creating activities and projects that engage young minds, spark questions, and promote deep and meaningful learning in all areas of development. At the same time, they create a nurturing environment that includes an appropriate amount of structure and predictability to help children adjust to school life, learn to interact in a community with their peers, and become more independent.

All of our Pre-Primary School teachers are closely attuned to the strengths and readiness of their students and are eager to partner with parents to help provide the tools they need to promote their children’s continued growth and development at home.