The Pre-K–8 Advantage

Children who arrive at Lowell at 2 1/2 and graduate in 8th grade have the opportunity to be in a stable, caring school community for twelve years. And with the immediate pressures of high school removed, they can enjoy the discovery and freedom of childhood just a little bit longer.
Giving Children the Best Start Possible
Our students grow and progress in an environment that puts their developmental needs at the center. Lowell’s top-notch programs, facilities, and expert teachers are all focused on and designed to help young students unleash their potential and broaden their intellectual inquiries.

What the Research Says
Middle school isn’t easy. Research published in the American Educational Research Journal demonstrates that when middle schoolers have the “top dog” status at school, they feel safer and perform better academically than students at 6–12 and K–12 schools. Read more.
Leadership and Empowerment
Students have opportunities to make their voices heard and advance their leadership skills in every school division. We know that even very young children can practice these skills and have meaningful opportunities to develop them early on.

Ready for High School
When your child is 2½, it is hard to imagine which high school will be the best match. By 8th grade, students’ strengths and aspirations are much more apparent. They are sturdy enough to go through the competitive process of high school admissions and mature enough to help identify the high schools where they will thrive.

Advice for Taking the Next Step
The head of school and director of Middle School lead a team of faculty and staff that helps 8th graders and their parents establish a strategy to gain admission to the area’s best high schools. They support families through each step of this important and exciting transition.

Learn more about where our graduates continue their education.

—Lowell Parent

Kids are free to be who they are. They can enjoy discovery and being their authentic selves without being introduced to the pressures and dynamics that high school students face.
Lowell School is a private PK-8th grade school located in NW Washington, DC. Our mission is to create an inclusive community of lifelong learners in which each individual is valued and respected.