Curriculum At-A-Glance

Pre-Primary School Curriculum

Teachers use an approach called the emergent curriculum. Drawing on student interests, they create a vibrant learning environment that guides children to reach appropriate milestones in the primary domains of development. In addition, they help children develop their skills and understanding in various specialist classes. You can read more about the domains of development on the Pre-Primary School page.

Domains of Development and Skills

Social and Emotional Development
Language and Communication
Cognitive Development
Physical Development
STEAM Education
Music and Creative Arts

Primary School Curriculum

On the Primary School page, you can read more about the subject areas listed below and what is taught at each grade level.

Subject Areas

Language Arts
Social Studies
Physical Education and Dance
Music and Drama
Visual Arts

Middle School Curriculum

You can read more about the core classes and required seminars listed below and course content at each grade level on the Middle School page.

Core Subjects

Humanities (English and History)
Visual Arts
Seminar (options rotate throughout the year)
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