COVID-19 Update

As of fall 2020, all Minicourses will be offered virtually. We will re-evaluate mid-fall and will post any changes to our reopening plan here. We look forward to serving our students virtually now, and in-person again in the near future.


Minicourses are an extension of Lowell's After Care Program and are designed to compliment a rigours day of academic learning. By Providing students with invaluable opportunities to explore, Minicourses help sustain students' curiosity and creativity. There are courses for children of all ages, although most offerings are geared toward Pre-Primary and Primary School children. Five sessions of 6-week courses are offered each year, and selections vary from session to session.

Session III Classes for Jan. 4–Feb. 12

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  • Monday

    Improv Adventures
    Grades: 2–5
    Time: 4:30-5:15 pm
    Cost: $90
  • Tuesday

    Advanced Chess
    Grades: 4-8
    Time: 4:30-5:15 pm
    Cost: $90
  • Wednesday

    Panda Programmers
    Grades: K–5
    Time: 3:45–5:45 pm
    Cost: $300
  • Thursday

    Rollers and Roleplayers with Amanda
    Grades: 2–5
    Time: 4:30-5:15 pm
    Cost: $90
  • Friday


Minicourses Offered Throughout the Year

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  • Minicourse Descriptions

    Advanced Chess
    Chess strengthens strategy and critical thinking skills in children, and we make it FUN! Advanced students take their mastery of chess to the competition level.

    NEW! Improv Adventures
    Does your child like to be silly and tell jokes? Are they interested in acting or comedy? Are they working on learning to embrace mistakes or follow their instincts? This improvisation class might be for them! Taught by a master improviser and performer, children in this minicourse will engage in interactive and cooperative improv games that will build confidence, willingness to take risks, and their ability to think on their feet. Improv is creative, expressive, and just plain fun!

    Panda Programmer
    Instructors work closely with the students to build programming knowledge with each class, creating a progressive and sustainable learning environment. Students will explore a variety of computer programming languages such as Scratch Jr, Scratch, Python, and Javascript.

    Rollers and Roleplayers (R&R Club), Thursday 4:30-5:15pm
    Does your child enjoy the fantasy genre? Do they enjoy using their imagination and playing with friends? Do they enjoy riddles, puzzles, and other minder-benders? Rollers & Roleplayers may be the perfect after-school activity for them! Half board game and half elaborate game of pretend, kids will create their own totally unique and original characters and use their imagination to explore a fantasy world. Students will roleplay their characters with their friends, work together to find solutions to a variety of different challenges, and save the day! Kids will strengthen their skills in public speaking, acting, communication, teamwork, creative problem-solving, and math.


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  • Logging into Virtual Minicourses

    Minicourse instructors will email families with Zoom or Google Classroom information before the first class of the Minicourse session, along with a list of any materials needed.
  • What happens if a class needs to be canceled?

    Every effort will be made to give advance notice regarding class cancelations. In the event of individual canceled classes due to inclement weather or otherwise, an additional make-up class will be added.
  • Discounts

    There are no discounts for virtual Minicourses.

For More Information Contact

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  • Dehejia Butler 

    Director of After Care

Registration and Session Dates

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  • May

    Minicourse Session 5 Ends

  • May

    Minicourse Session 5 Make Up Week

  • May

    No Minicourses

  • May

    No Minicourses

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