Social Curriculum

Lowell recognizes that social, emotional, and academic growth are intertwined and mutually reinforcing. The intersection between children’s learning and their emotions provides fertile ground for growth, reflection, and increased understanding.
Througout the Primary School’s SEL program, students begin to formulate a vocabulary and understanding of resilience, teamwork, leadership, collaboration, and self-directed learning. Teachers engage students in activities and lessons that specifically address topics such as empathy, emotion management, friendships, conflict resolution, and problem solving.

Our approach provides a safe space where children feel encouraged to express their feelings, respect vulnerability, and wholeheartedly expand their capacity to learn and grow. At Lowell, children are known, their voices are valued, and their perspectives are respected.

Our work at Lowell is guided by the American School Counselor Association's national model framework. Our teachers, school counselor, and our student support team use tools developed by Responsive Classroom and Learning for Justice.
Lowell School is a private PK-8th grade school located in NW Washington, DC. Our mission is to create an inclusive community of lifelong learners in which each individual is valued and respected.