Progressive Roots

Progressive education is experiential, active learning that honors the developmental ages and stages of physical, social, and cognitive development. Students at Lowell take an active part in their learning and develop the initiative and self-direction that will prove vital no matter where the future takes them.

Progressive Education at Lowell

Although progressive education enjoys a long and rich history, its principles have never been more relevant as we prepare students for the 21st century. The progressive approach to education facilitates skill-building and deep conceptual understanding; thus, it is a rich and rigorous approach to learning.

At Lowell, students are encouraged to think both creatively and analytically as they learn and solve problems. They are often asked to work collaboratively, so they also learn how to be part of an effective team. We recognize that students are part of many communities, and we prepare them to make positive contributions to the world.


Open to Wonder and Exploration
Art Teacher Loriann Signori explains what a progressive art studio looks like.
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