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Earth Day Celebrations

Students in all divisions have been engaging in Earth Day activities this week. In Pre-Primary School, children are going on nature hunts and observing the springtime changes they see in the environment. Yesterday, a special Primary School gathering brought together faculty and students to mark the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. The Middle School Climate Club shared their climate stories on social media, and Middle School Science Teacher Liz Bullock offered a host of virtual activities.

Elly opened the Primary School’s Earth Day gathering by guiding students in a sun salutation outdoors. A community sing-a-long lead by Audrey and Dave followed. Along with Lowell School favorites like “Open the Door” and “Inch by Inch,” Audrey shared an original song “Make a Garden Grow,” and Dave shared a few environmentally friendly raps he wrote.
In 4th grade science, students are learning to think critically about how technology pushes development and the resulting effects. Students are debating the pros and cons of a mock proposal for development near Rock Creek Park and examining the environmental costs versus economic benefits. Science teacher Max Firke explains that the lesson also ties into their studies of the Chesapeake Bay watershed.
The Middle School Climate Club has been working all year with Jim Callahan, director of Mobile Climate Science Labs, to educate the public about the science behind climate change. Students have been trained to use thermal infrared cameras and equipment to detect short- and long-wave infrared light and to measure an object’s radiated heat transfer and to share their knowledge with others. Students also use CO2 models to show the molecular structure of carbon dioxide and how it bounces within the atmosphere trapping heat. In addition to these efforts, Climate Club members have created educational videos and testimonials sharing the thoughts and inspiration that led them to get involved in climate activism. Check out Lowell’s social media channels (Facebook and Instagram) to see the videos!
If you would like to continue celebrating Earth Day with your family, check out the resources below from Liz Bullock. And, if you get outside to celebrate the Earth—and we hope you do—remember to follow all physical distancing guidelines.
Happy Earth Day!
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Be a citizen scientist and document plastic pollution with the Earth Day Challenge 2020 app. 
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