School News


This year, Lowell is sending its largest group ever to the 2019 People of Color Conference (PoCC) hosted by the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS). Twelve faculty and staff members representing every division of the school will dive into various workshops, seminars, wellness activities, and more. Primary and Middle School division directors, Jason Novak and Kavan Yee, will return as facilitators of affinity groups, and Auxiliary Program Director Dawn Smith and 5th Grade Teacher April Greene will present a workshop, “Black Boy Joy, Black Girl Magic: The Importance of Relationship in Academic Success.” Head of School Donna Lindner will also be joining Lowell’s contingent and will be recognized along with other heads of color at the conference.
This year’s conference—“1619. 2019. Before. Beyond: Amplifying our Intelligence to Liberate, Co-create, and Thrive” will feature inspirational speakers such as Joy DeGruy Ph.D. whose research centers on racism, trauma, violence, and American chattel slavery; filmmaker, civil rights activist, and founder of the Revolutionary Love Project, Valarie Kaur whose films and campaigns tackle hate crimes, racial profiling, and immigration detention; Anthony Ocampo, a scholar and writer on immigration, race and equity, and gender and sexuality; and Pedro Noguera, a professor of education at the Graduate School of Education and Information Studies and faculty director for the Center for the Transformation of Schools at UCLA.
Still more phenomenal speakers and a full program of learning opportunities round out what promises to be a transformational conference experience. Stay tuned to hear more when Lowell’s attendees return!
Conference Attendees:
Jason Novak
Philip Mallari
Dawn Smith
Cordenia Paige
Kavan Yee
Jazmine Jackson
Mellie Davis
Donna Lindner
Michelle Belton
Nuria Rodriguez
April Greene
Jamie Weng