School News

Green Action

Lowell’s Sustainability Committee—with help from across the Lowell community—has been making great strides in building awareness about environmental sustainability and reducing our collective ecological footprint. Here’s the latest update.

Stream Clean-up
Lowell’s own Kalmia Creek, which runs through the front field, now has a wider and better flow due to the weeding done last year on the Stream Clean-up and Gardening Days. Native species are now outcompeting many of the invasive weeds, and weeds are now composted with Compost Cab, turning it into rich organic material.
New raised beds were donated by a generous Lowell parent, then prepped and planted by the Middle School Gardening elective. Students researched plants they could grow and harvest before the end of the school year. A wide variety of plants were chosen, including basil, lettuce, and kale.
Earth Day
Middle School students took part in an action-oriented Earth Day celebration in April. Students chose between six morning and six afternoon workshops, including water purification, building bio-char stoves, vegan cooking, environmental film study, fly fishing with Trout Unlimited, sustainable gardening and farming. Field trip options included Common Good City Farm and American University.
Outdoor Education
Lowell’s Kindergarten and 1st grade outdoor science program is now in its third successful year. In addition to the classroom science curriculum, children go outside once a week with science teachers, Lucas Kelly and Max Firke, to explore the wonders of nature. With campus so close to Rock Creek Park, there’s so much to explore!
Thanks go to teachers, students, staff and parents for helping to make the weekly classroom compost collection a success last year. With some additional education about how to close the tops of bins to eliminate smells and pests the program went off without a hitch.
Physical Plant and Facilities
All water fountains at Lowell have been updated to include water bottle filling stations, and Lowell will no longer be offering disposable water bottles at Lowell events. In addition, the facilities team is in the process of changing all fixtures and lightbulbs to LEDs.
If you are interested in getting more involved in sustainability at Lowell this year, contact Jesse Meiller or Consuelo Campuzano or come out and join us at the Stream Clean Up and Gardening Days—September 22, 2019 and May 3, 2020 from 2:00–4:00 pm.
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