School News

MS Social Justice Day

Teachers and students are buzzing after yesterday’s activities for the first-ever Social Justice Day in Middle School. Teachers from around the school led workshops highlighting the variety of ways people shed light on social issues. Students chose from a list of topics that included climate justice, the transformative practice of yoga, pioneers of social justice in dance, protest songs, hip hop as a social justice movement, social media and activism, Hoda Katebi and striving for justice through what we wear and how we look, income and wealth inequality, gender equality, and the evolution of Asian visibility—among others.
Students explored how to become better allies to raise awareness and support, and to lift the voices of identities treated one dimensionally in history. School Counselor Malikkah Rollins was excited to see the many intersections of subject matter and to see “teachers step out of their box and show a part of themselves, a different part of their own identity."
With each opportunity that students take to step into the shoes of someone else, they cultivate empathy and the tools to tackle issues through multiple perspectives. Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Michelle Belton says, “Can’t wait until next year!”
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