School News

Annual Grey and Green Swim Meet

After two months of practice, the Leopard Sharks Intramural swim team competed in the 4th annual Green and Grey swim meet on Wednesday. Open to K-5th graders, the Leopard Shark team is in its eighth year and is about 30 swimmers strong each year. Led by Coach Ben and Coach Jordan, swimmers learn four different types of strokes—freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and the butterfly. They also learn how to dive into the water and build their endurance by swimming from one end of the pool and back, a total of 50 yards. The experience gives swimmers a taste of what it is like to be on a team by attending formal practices and participating in drills intended to improve their techniques.

At this week’s meet, swimmers could choose to compete in four different events—the 25-yard freestyle and backstroke and the 50-yard freestyle and backstroke. The meet gave swimmers a chance to show their skills to family and friends and experience competition in a low-pressure and positive environment with teammates cheering them on. Most swimmers chose to compete in multiple events, and with no disqualifiers for the meet, every swimmer had the chance to finish their races. For their hard work, participation, and willingness to give their all, every student earned a win!