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    K-8 Open House

    Reconnect with friends and teachers! This event is for children and their families. Please do not drop children off and leave them unattended.

    MS Parent Orientation

    Parents of students who are new to the Middle School should attend this orientation.

    MS Student Orientation

    This orientation is required for all 6th grade students and new 7th grade students.
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    K-8 First Full Day of School w/After Care

    Please note: Because this is a Wednesday, the school day ends at 2:00 pm for PS and MS students.

    Pre-Primary School Transition Day (first half of PP)

    Check the schedule on the Back to School Page to find out your family's day.
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    Board Executive Meeting

    Contact: Tammy Brown

    Pre-Primary School Transition Day (second half of PP)

    Check the schedule on the Back to School Page to find out your family's day.

    Cross Country Practice

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    LPC Kick-off Coffee

    For Parents! Enjoy light refreshments as you reconnect with friends or make new ones!

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    Board Retreat

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    Board Finance Committee Meeting

    Contact: Tammy Brown
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    Group Parent Training

    Groups Parents gather for overview of functions and communications process.

    Cross Country Practice

    PP Back to School Night

    Pre-Primary families will experience what it's like for your child in Pre-Primary School. Parents will follow a simulated Pre-Primary School schedule and hear remarks from their classroom teachers and specialists. We will start in the Willow Room and move on from there.
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    Cross Country Practice

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    Picture Day

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    Cross Country Practice

    PS Back to School Night

    Light snacks and water will be provided. Join us in the Gymnasium for an introduction with Debbie and Jason, followed by classroom presentations. We look forward to having you with us for the evening.
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    LPC Trivia Night

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    Stream Clean-up

  2. 23

    Cross Country Practice

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    Board Meeting

    Dinner: 6:30 pm
    Contact: Tammy Brown
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    All School Gathering

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    LDN Affinity Group Meeting

    Semi-monthly regular meetings of the Learning Differences and Neurodiversity Affinity Group.

    Cross Country Practice

    MS Back to School Night

    Families will follow their child’s daily schedule, beginning with a ∆Period after a presentation from the Director of Middle School. We will begin our Back to School evening together in the Black Box Theater promptly at 6:30 pm.
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    Kindergarten Admissions Tours

    Limitless curiosity, new academic skills, and developing confidence—our Kindergartners are in-depth thinkers, learn how to express their views with confidence, and feel at “home” on our 8-acre campus. Join us to learn about our leading-edge curriculum and beautiful campus.
    Contact: Liz Yee
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    Rosh Hashanah

    Begins at sunset.
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