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  • Now That’s Some Tasty Science!

    “I can’t wait to tell my parents I ate dirt today!” exclaimed a 3rd grader in science class. Don’t worry: the “dirt” was part of a model tying together their exploration of the water cycle, from weather patterns to wells: an edible aquifer!
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  • All Aboard for a Math Adventure!

    We suspect many of you out there remember tackling a math question involving two trains traveling in separate directions or racing to a station. Middle School teacher Peter recently turned this classic word problem into a hands-on lesson by bringing a model train set into the classroom.
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  • Looking for a Summer Read? Lowell’s 6th Grade Has You Covered!

    Language Arts Teacher Yasmin challenged her students to read and review 150 books this year. Check out what 6th graders have to say about some of their favorite titles.
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  • Donna welcomes 8th graders for lunch in her office

    Food, Fun, and Feedback As 8th-Grade Graduation Nears

    Each spring, Donna invites small groups of soon-to-be-graduates to join her for lunch in her office. In addition to being an important opportunity to connect with students before they move on to high school, she welcomes the lunches as informative, though informal, feedback sessions.
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  • The Pioneers count down to launch

    Launching Rockets and Imaginations in Pre-Primary School

    Student questions open new doors in the Pre-Primary School, sometimes even launching the curriculum to the stars! The Pioneers recently embarked on an exploration of space.
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  • Spring Dance Showcase Highlights Primary School Community

    The Spring Dance Showcase was a night to remember! Dance teacher Taylor led the event, bringing together every Primary School class in an electrifying performance that demonstrated their self-expression and teamwork.
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  • A Voyagers student works on her plans to decorate the violin

    Giving Back Through Art in Pre-Primary

    Coordinated by Pre-Primary School Director and Art Teacher Nathalie, the Adventurers, Explorers, Pioneers, and Voyagers worked over several weeks to imagine and create the unique items for sale at the Fête. In keeping with the emergent curriculum model, children’s interests guided the art pieces, which include a painting, a mobile, a framed display, and a mounted violin.
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  • Kindness Counts in 1st-Grade Spanish

    Lowell’s integrated approach to learning shows up even in unexpected spaces, like practicing social-emotional learning and Spanish vocab at the same time. Spanish Teacher Lourdes shares her perspective on why a lesson in kindness is important for her students.
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  • Trap Bob speaks to students during Social Justice Day

    Passion Drives Social Change for Middle School Guest

    Student interest and local connections brought artist Trap Bob to the Middle School for a Social Justice Day presentation and mural project. Lowell students left energized to use this public medium to effect change. Said Trap Bob about the power of imagery, “You don’t need too many words, just a feeling. That’s why I believe art will save the world.”
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  • Celebrating the Beauty of Hair

    Inspired by classroom books and conversations celebrating the beauty of everyone’s hair, friends in the Adventurers Room chose to make hair the theme of a doorway display celebrating Black History Month.
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  • Director Charmaine helps students find their marks during rehearsal

    Going Forward Together in 4th-Grade Oration

    Fourth graders rehearsed for weeks leading up to their oration of Malala Yousafzai’s “We Go Forward” speech, which the Nobel Peace Prize-winner delivered in 2017 at the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Directed by music and theater teacher Charmaine, they practiced essential elements of public speaking, such as projection, timing, and memorization.
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  • Kelly Yang Inspires Connection in 6th-Grade Readers

    In late February, Lowell 6th graders enjoyed an uplifting evening at Politics and Prose’s special author event with Kelly Yang. They are reading her novel, New From Here, which tells the story of an Asian-American boy who relocates from Hong Kong to California at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Ms. Yang was in town to promote her latest book and to talk about her work giving voice to the immigrant experience in America.
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  • Leopards Love STEAMfest!

    Lowell’s STEAMfest (formerly STEMfest) was truly back and better than ever, with stations filling the gym and front field on Saturday, March 18.
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  • Eight Graders Tackle Global Issues Through Research and Diplomacy

    Lowell’s 8th graders demonstrated a dedication to international cooperation through “mini” Model UN sessions concerning global population growth.
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  • Leopards End Basketball Season on a High Note

    Enjoy an album of moments from a fantastic winter season!
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  • Friends look on as a classmate casts a vote

    Votes Give Voice to Pre-Primary Voyagers

    As 2023 gets underway, changes are coming to the dramatic play space in the Voyagers Room. Soon a veterinarian’s office will help students act out what they have learned about animal care, but to make this happen, they first engaged in a democratic vote.
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  • Architect Falynn Schmidt discusses a prototype with a 2nd grader

    Accessibility By Design

    Now at the end of their social studies unit on accessibility, ability, and disability, 2nd-grade students are putting their knowledge to practical use by conceiving inventions, spaces, or systems to remove barriers and improve accessibility. With this project-based learning, they are using design thinking, research skills, and cooperation to improve their community for others.
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  • A Lowell math teacher leads a lesson for 8th-grade students

    Learning Walks Illuminate the Process for Math Faculty

    Recently, teachers from grades 3, 4, and 5 stopped by Lowell’s Middle School to observe math lessons in progress. Their visits yielded fruitful observations around a focal question: “What is expected of math students when they get to grades 6–8, and how can we prepare them to be successful?”
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  • The 2nd- and 3rd-grade band tests out geometric skills

    Math Mania is Lowell’s Latest Craze

    Math Resource Teacher Cristina is leading the charge for a new program designed to build community between different grade cohorts and to foster a collective love of mathematics.
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  • Teachers check in on student-led discussions about character identity and motivation

    Empathy and Strategy Lead 5th-Grade Novel Discussions

    To kick off 2023, 5th-grade students are working in small groups to read and discuss books of their choosing among A Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula K. Le Guin, Wonder by R.J. Palacio, Strange Birds: A Field Guide to Ruffling Feathers by Celia C. Pérez, and Holes by Louis Sachar. Within their mini-cohorts, students have collaborated to plan out deadlines that will allow them to finish a whole novel by the end of January.
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