Rising 6th-9th Grade

Tweens and Teens

Tweens and Teens 7th-9th Grades

These programs are offered weekly with a new curriculum each time. Campers can repeat courses, or mix and match to create a summer sampler of great topics. It's a win for campers who like to keep it new and fresh!

Session dates June 17–July 26 full day 8:00 am–3:15 pm. Each week is different so that classes may be repeated. There is NO CAMP on July 4.

Open to children ages 12-14 or rising 6th-9th grades.

Class Descriptions

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  • Amazing Race

    This program is a consistent hit with tweens and teens every year. Campers are challenged to find points of interest and little known locations in and around DC. Armed with a set of clues, campers research, map public transportation routes, and set out to find the history and culture that make DC unique. Campers love traveling around DC and the independence this program allows.
  • Chemistry of Cosmetics: Butters, Balms, Bars!

    Once you learn about all the harsh chemicals and additives in everyday skin products you will want to make your own! Campers in this course will use healthy skintastic products to make natural body butters, lip balms, and soap. Skin care will never be the same once campers discover how wonderfully creamy, fragrant and healthy home-made products can be!
  • Drop That Beat DJ

    Get ready to take a peek into the world of DJing! Through hands-on experience, tweens and teens will learn the skills of beat matching, song dropping, scratching sounds, and experiment with the many ways of mixing on a turntable. Campers will then learn the fundamentals of digital music and creating their own sound. This program takes campers beyond just listening to music, they will make their own, and even add a REMIX! This is an introductory course.
  • Extreme Art: Ceramics and Welding

    Campers will spend their morning using clay to create originals pieces of art. All creations will be fired in our own kiln, and ready to go home by Friday. In the afternoon, campers will don the proper safety equipment and use welding to take their art to the next level with metal and other unique additions. Imagination and creativity will run wild!
  • Gaming and App Basics

    Let's put those device and screen obsession to good use! Campers will see just how easy it is to create customized apps and learn basic programming for creating low-level basic computer games. Coding skills are invaluable. This class will introduce basic coding in a way that helps to demystify programming and unlock the possibilities.
  • Get Out Trips!

    Oh the places they’ll go! Tubing in Harper’s Ferry; zip lining at Adventure Park; trips to Hershey Park, the Spy Museum, Escape Room; and more! Campers will report to Lowell in the morning and then set off on a different adventure each day. Counselors will accompany the group on the Lowell bus. With a little pocket change and a pair of comfortable shoes, this group is sure to be exhausted by the week’s end.
  • Mini Shark Entrepreneur Camp

    Budding business owners will learn planning, marketing, cost analysis, and negotiation skills. This is not a simulation, but rather a hands on opportunity to create flyers and business cards, create business plans, and bring business ideas to life. Whether baking, babysitting, dog walking, or more, campers will practice presentation skills and then pitch their businesses to a panel of “sharks” for critical feedback. This is a great workshop for campers with an interest in further developing their business ideas and actually taking their products or services to market.
  • Money Moves

    Time to put their money where their mouth is! Campers will be introduced to age-appropriate concepts around the basics of banking and making wise decisions regarding earning, spending, and saving money. They will then apply that knowledge to Needs vs Wants, Designing a smart budget, Maintaining a sustainable Balance, Income and Careers, and Risk Management. Campers will be given a profile from which to make informed financial decisions. Other fun activities around campus will round out the experience for a week full of fun and financial literacy!
  • No Way Out!

    This reality game will get your brain juices flowing! Escape rooms are the ultimate puzzle. Taking traditional who-dunnits to a new level, campers will divide into teams, and create escape rooms for one another to try. Once they’ve mastered the technique, they will create an age-appropriate escape room experience for younger campers, as well. Campers will round out the week by flexing their intellectual muscle with a real escape room experience in our local area.
  • Summer Service: Learning, Volunteering, Caring

    Join us for a week of donating time and talent to the causes that matter to us most. Campers will choose from a selection of ideas, but will decide their own plan of action. Campers will get involved with their communities in a tangible way by integrating service projects with group learning. All projects will be eligible for service learning credit/recognition at local schools.
  • Filmmaking: Commercials, Advertising, and Movie Trailers

    Campers will get a peek into film production through pre-production planning, camera work, and editing an original project. Participation in the writing, production, and editing of a short film project, campers will establish the camper’s own artistic voice and allow time to collaborate with peers, share ideas, and hone teamwork skills. This is an introductory course.