Rising 3rd-6th Grade

Fabulous Friends

Rising 3rd to 6th Grades

*Session 1 and 2
Morning Choices
  • Go-Karts (Materials Fee): Campers design, create, and drive their own go-karts for Lowell’s greatly anticipated races at the end of the session! Hand tools and an introduction to power tools, including a sander, drill, and a Dremel tool, are part of the experience. All tool use is closely supervised; safety is a priority. Projects provide a framework for campers as they create and design independently. This choice is limited to 10 campers.
  • Sports: Inclusive group games build confidence, athletic skills, and friendships. Together, campers will choose games like tag, capture the flag, soccer, basketball, and baseball. New games will be created, and old favorites will be on standby for friends seeking camp fun. Grab your ball, stick, cone, or glove and join the excitement!
  • CodeMaster: Campers will learn the fundamentals of computer science, computer safety, sequences, loops, events, programming, front-end development, HTML, and CSS. In a growing world of technology, we are excited to introduce a coding class! People who know how to code will be able to communicate across countries and cultures, be innovative, and solve problems more efficiently, with no barriers to impede their success.
  • LSN: Lowell Summer News Reporters: There’s always something happening at camp! Mini roving reporters will bring you the story first hand each week. Fashion Week, Rock, Paper, Scissors All-Star Week, Mario Kart Nascar, you name it! Our camp reporters will be live on the scene to bring you the latest!
  • Keep it Krafty: Calling all crafty kids! These creative campers will go beyond basic cutting and pasting. They will get their hands dirty in longer-term, more complex crafts. Extreme Crafting is sure to be an arty party where campers can make it and take it! Creative expression, time with friends, and fun projects will get the imagination going. Many take-home treasures are sure to be revered by parents for years.

Afternoon Choices
  • Unconventional Art: Throw away all the rules, and rethink painting! Campers will use creative surfaces, tools, and materials to create their masterpieces, including spray paint, water balloon art, sandpaper art, and more! Your camper is sure to explore art in a brand new way, putting their creativity and imaginations to the test!
  • Cooking Craze: Pancake Pandemonium and Rice Cooker Recipes: We may not be able to use the kitchen, but we can still crank out delicious recipes with the help of a few non-traditional tools. Pancake Art and Rice Cooker Recipes! A griddle becomes a canvas in this class, where campers use pancake batter to create unique edible art. With rice cookers, rice is only the beginning of what this little wonder can do! Learn to bake cakes, cupcakes, and other delectables with the little pot that could. You’ll grow to love your rice pot and never look at it the same again. This class will provide safe kitchen alternatives that crank out yummy recipes without using the stove or the oven.
  • Aquatics Camp (Additional Fee): Campers will love having uninterrupted time in the pool for structured lessons, fun games, and skill-building. This program requires basic swim ability using any stroke without personal flotation devices. To ensure safety for all campers, swim levels will be confirmed on the first day of camp.
  • Hip Hop and Breakdancing: This camper favorite is back again! Learn the latest hip-hop dance moves. Body separations, choreography, breakdancing, and fun will culminate in weekly performances. Smiling campers look forward to donning their dance gear and entertaining parents and fellow campers weekly.
  • Critter Care: Animal lovers rejoice! This class is for you! Campers will learn to care for small critters such as frogs, hamsters, hermit crabs, and more! Create a maze for the mice, have a race with the turtles, or try your hand at animal training! Special visits from other animals will round out this class for a great experience.
  • Game Design: Design games using Stencyl’s user-friendly drag and drop coding software. Introduction to Scratch coding language provides great learning experiences allowing campers to program every aspect of their game while learning the basics of object-oriented programming. Campers learn to think critically about their work with the infinite possibilities of the game. The small group experience offers hands-on learning and covers the basics of object-oriented programming.
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