Rising 3rd-6th Grade

Fabulous Friends

Rising 3rd-6th Grades

*Session 1 and 2
Fabulous Friends are honing in on their range of interests. While they have not tried everything, these campers have definite opinions about what they want to try.

For this age, we have created a developmentally appropriate range of courses that challenge friends to stretch themselves a little further. Campers choose two classes from the list that will comprise their morning schedule at camp. They will attend the same two classes each day for the entire three-week session. Afternoon choices will include new selections daily to ensure camper variety.

1st Period Choices (Pick One)

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  • Authors and Editors

    Budding authors will revel in this opportunity to create their very own (first?) ebook! Whether pictures, poems, or chapters tickle their fancy, this word-wielding bunch will create as many books as they desire. Completed ebooks can even be published and sold online, if so desired. Whatever tales campers care to conjure are fair game. Keyboarding skills, and peer-editing will round out this librarylicious summer experience!
  • Beginning Robotics

    Engineering, computers, or math? Campers will use the latest technology from LEGO® to build mechanical devices and then program them using the computer to move the robots and react using sensors. No previous robotic or programming experience is needed. These camps allow kids to turn LEGO® bricks, gears and motors into vibrant, interactive creations.
  • Codemaster

    Design games using Stencyl’s user-friendly, drag and drop coding software. Introduction to Scratch coding language provides great learning experiences allowing campers to program every aspect of their game, while learning the basics of object-oriented programming. Campers learn to think critically about their work with the infinite possibilities of the game. The small group experience offers hands-on learning and covers the basics of object-oriented programming.
  • Exploratorium Camp Adventures

    Think! Learn! Discover! This exploration of science, art, nature, and technology will be full of wonder and wow-factor. The natural curiosity of children will be the catalyst for developing questions that campers will enthusiastically exercise critical thinking skills in a way that is fun, engaging, and empowering. Combined with high energy and on the move fun, campers will also work together to construct adventures around campus. They will leave no stone on our 8-acre campus unturned, and even make sure to explore nature’s parks around us. Exploratorium Camp Adventures will have as many questions as it does answers…by design! Great for campers who love fun experiments, research projects, outdoor exploring, and nature hikes. Don’t let the “day” in day camp fool ya! When it comes to fun, the sky’s the limit for this group!
  • Extreme Crafting

    Calling all crafty kids! These creative campers will go beyond basic cutting and pasting. They will get their hands dirty in longer-term more complex crafts. Extreme Crafting is sure to be an arty party where campers can make it and take it! Creative expression, time with friends, and fun projects will get the imagination going. Many take-home treasures are sure to be revered by parents for years!
  • Hip Hop

    This camper favorite is back again! Learn the latest hip hop dance moves. Body separations, choreography, and all out fun will culminate in weekly performances. Smiling campers look forward to donning their dance gear and entertaining parents and fellow campers weekly.
  • LSN: Lowell Summer News Reporters

    There’s always something happening at camp! Mini roving reporters will bring you the story first hand each week. Fashion Week, Rock, Paper, Scissors All-Star Week, Mario Kart Nascar, you name it! Our camp reporters will be live on the scene to bring you the latest!
  • Mini-Museum Curator

    Campers will celebrate DC with a salute to the curators that make our hometown museums the pinnacle of awesome! After hands-on research at area museums, campers will work together to brainstorm a concept for their own hands-on interactive museum. They will select a theme, conduct research, write text, and design their very own exhibit for a camp museum that celebrates DC. The session will culminate with a hosted museum opening for the entire camp community.
  • Sports

    Inclusive group games build confidence, athletic skills, and friendships. Together, campers will choose games like tag, capture the flag, soccer, basketball, and baseball. New games will be created and old favorites will be on standby for friends seeking camp fun. Grab your ball, stick, cone, or glove and join the excitement!
  • Taste of DC

    Campers learn to make delicious recipes that they can sample as lunch creations each day. This program will feature flavor profiles from different cultures and ethnicities around the world. Nutrition and food safety are emphasized, and the session will end with either an Iron-Chef style competition or Lowell’s very own Taste of DC: Lowell Edition. The choice is left in the hands of our camp chefs so let’s see what they cook up!

2nd Period Choices (Pick One)

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  • Beginner Guitar

    Get ready to learn to play the guitar this summer with a practical, hands-on playing experience! Campers are introduced to guitar chords fingering while learning to strum simple songs and tunes. Campers become familiar with basic musical symbols, play basic chords, and ease into playing songs. Instrument use included. Strum your way through summer fun!
  • Camp Comics

    Pencils, Pads, and Pandemonium!! Campers will learn sketch techniques, and the foundations of comic art to include cartoon elements, character development, and how to make a flip book. With a quiet backdrop of music and imagination, this class is a delight for budding artists.
  • Computer Animation

    Campers will take their first leap into programming through building interactive stories, animations, games, music, and art. This visual approach to programming is the perfect way to teach students the fundamental concepts behind programming and software development. Campers will use Scratch, a visual programming language for children, and Animation-ish.
  • CAPitol Kids

    Construction and Architect Projects for Kids! Let’s envision D.C. from the eyes of our children. Campers will learn to design and build structures that make up a community. With an engaged imagination and sketch designs, they will have the opportunity to recreate their very own miniature version of D.C.! During this program, structures such as monuments, museums, storefronts, playgrounds, houses, etc. can be reimagined to fit your campers’ vision of the D.C. community.
  • Friends of the Camp Zoo

    Animal lovers rejoice! This class is for you! Campers will learn how to care for small critters such as frogs, hamsters, hermit crabs, and more! Create a maze for the mice, have a race with the turtles, or try your hand at animal training! Special visits from other animals will round out this class for a great experience.
  • Sports

    Inclusive group games build confidence, athletic skills, and friendships. Together, campers will choose games like tag, capture the flag, soccer, basketball, and baseball. New games will be created and old favorites will be on standby for friends seeking camp fun. Grab your ball, stick, cone, or glove and join the excitement!
  • SSI: Summer Spy Investigators

    There’s a mole among us! We need your help! We are actively recruiting SSI agents to help us identify and solve the mysteries here at camp. Campers will learn the necessary skills to collect evidence, create spy gadgets, investigate crime scenes, dust for fingerprints, interview suspects, and more! We are looking for campers who are willing to expect the unexpected, and who can work together to complete their missions. At the end of the session, campers will have earned their stripes and graduate in the SSI: Summer Spy Investigators Class of 2020! Do you have what it takes?!
  • Taste of DC

    This is hot stuff! Campers learn to make fabulous recipes that they will sample as lunch creations each day. Nutrition and food safety are emphasized, and the session will end with an Iron-Chef style competition.
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