Lowell's social curriculum complements the academic curriculum and addresses the social and emotional context in which all learning takes place. Lessons in self-knowledge and self-control are woven throughout the program. As students mature, they learn about their strengths and challenges and develop strategies that work for them. They discover that everyone has mountains to climb and that people need different tools to reach the summit.

Social Curriculum

Lowell’s social curriculum in the Primary School is informed and guided by Responsive Classroom. Lowell has also adopted programs from The Committee for Children called Second Step and Steps to Respect, which provide anti-bullying education and build social competence. The school psychologist and the guidance counselor oversee the social curriculum and collaborate with teachers to deliver the programs.

While many schools acknowledge the benefits of a “character education” curriculum, Lowell has taken this a step further. All of school is character education.
Students were put to the test to perform as many kind deeds as they could in seven days and track their progress during the Great Kindness Challenge. Listen as they reflect on what they practiced and learned from the exercises.
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