Pre-Primary School

Specialist Activities

Over the course of a week, children in both the half-day and full-day programs take part in a variety of engaging activities that help support their development. In addition to morning meeting, singing meeting, choice time, and outdoor time, children have the opportunity to work with specialists in the following areas.

Highlights of a Week

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  • Science + STEM Education

    Every day, teachers nurture a sense of wonder in their students. Science provides a wide open window into thrilling moments of discovery. Time is set aside each week for lessons, and the Wonder Lab offers opportunities for children to explore Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in an integrated way.
  • Creative Arts

    Teachers foster creative thinking through hands-on experiences that allow children to interact with different materials and processes. In the Art Studio, children are both idea makers and creative problem solvers. They are encouraged to ponder What happens when I poke, press, or pull the clay ball in my hand? If I put yellow on top of blue, what will happen next? How can I make my structure move?
  • Spanish

    Children are exposed to Spanish through songs, stories, cooking activities, and various classroom routines such as Morning Meeting, washing hands, and lining up. Each week, children engage in a more formal lesson that helps build vocabulary and listening skills.
  • Dance

    Laughing together at the joy of make-believe or participating in a gleeful romp provides a sense of oneness and community as children dance together in the studio. Older students begin to notice the spatial patterns and rhythms of their dance experience. Rhythms and patterns of movement from around the world are celebrated through simple folk structures and creative movement. Yoga is also integrated into the dance experience.
  • Music

    Children develop their singing voices through simple songs and learn to recognize a beat and clap along to music. They develop their social-emotional skills as they work together on a song, and they improve their gross and fine motor skills through movement to music and by playing instruments or doing finger plays.
  • Physical Education

    An important part of our Pre-Primary program involves large motor skill development and sensory processing. Our physical education teachers choose specific activities and equipment to build skills, strength, and endurance. The aim is for students to become competent, comfortable, and adept movers.
  • Library Time

    Library Time includes readings, author and illustrator studies, thematic units, and the search for that great book to take home and read with family. Parents also have borrowing privileges and many volunteer in the library.
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