Pre-Primary School


Between the ages of three and five, social and emotional skills are essential. We consider social emotional development the keystone in a child's life. When children feel safe, they trust in their community and are free to take social and intellectual risks—to ask a friend to play, experiment with colors and shapes, sing a song or share an event with peers and teachers, come to the aid of others and seek new challenges.
Self-Identity + Emotional Development + Social Play + Pro-Social Behavior

Through careful observations of social interactions and relationships, teachers support children individually and collectively. Teachers spend a major part of the day coaching children, helping them to help themselves, thereby working through social and emotional issues and building self-esteem. They also facilitate small and large group meetings and select literature to provoke conversations about feelings.

The social curriculum is built into all activities and routines in a way that promotes social skill development, multicultural understanding and engagement, and community-building. At the same time, our teachers explicitly explore and teach topics such as friendship, caring for others, self-control, and conflict resolution.
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