Domains of Development

Physical Development + Health

Physical development encompasses muscle development, stamina, coordination, the ability to take care of oneself, and overall health, including eating and sleeping habits.
Large Motor Skills + Small Motor Skills + Self-help Skills

Children move to different areas of the school environment throughout the day and the week, satisfying their basic need and desire to move. Outdoor time is scheduled daily on our spacious playground, which provides opportunities for climbing, running, riding vehicles, and playing unstructured and structured games. Children can connect with the natural environment by digging through the soil, tracking insects, planting gardens, and watching things grow.

Inside, students continue their physical education in the Willow Room, which is equipped with materials for locomotion, balance, throwing, and catching. Work in the Willow Room strengthens core, hand, and arm muscles while encouraging cooperative play.

Work with manipulatives and pegboards offers many opportunities for children to develop the fine motor skills—such as eye-hand coordination, finger dexterity, visual perception, memory, and handedness—that are prerequisites for writing and other learning in the primary school years.

Time is set aside each day for snack and relaxation.
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