Domains of Development

Language + Communication

Teachers intentionally work with children to help them acquire the skills necessary to listen to and understand what is being communicated verbally and nonverbally, as well as respond verbally and nonverbally to messages. Language development encompasses the ability to build a comprehensive vocabulary, organize and effectively convey messages, speak with clarity and fluency, participate in meaningful conversations, and gain a competency in one or more languages.
Receptive Language + Expressive Language + Pragmatic Language

Verbalizing, reading, and writing are intertwined and therefore simultaneously fostered. A significant part of the school day is spent in formal and informal conversation among and between teachers and children. During Morning Meeting, children have time to think out loud and express what is important to them without competing with other speakers.

Respecting one another helps children to listen to and learn from their peers. When conflict arises, teachers help children express their needs. Feelings, whether positive or negative, are always acknowledged so that children feel free to express themselves.
Pre-Primary children at Lowell are also exposed to Spanish on a daily basis and practice listening to and using key words and phrases central to their lives at school.
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