The class of 2016 worked throughout the year raising $2,529 to give back to Lowell School. With the parent gift of $26,000, a total of $28,529 was added to the endowment.

About the Endowment

Income from the endowment contributes a stream of revenue to enhance the program and take pressure off of tuition increases by supporting teacher salaries, financial assistance, staff development, or whatever is needed most. Gifts to the Endowment are always welcomed and can be made in honor, in memory, and/or in celebration of an individual or group.

Named Fund

Lowell recognizes that a named fund is a meaningful way to say thank you to a great teacher or to someone in the donor's family who has been an inspiration. The minimum gift for a named fund in the Endowment is $25,000. See our Gift Acceptance Guidelines for more information.

Restricted Gifts

The most helpful gifts are those with the fewest restrictions. However, Lowell recognizes that donors may wish to restrict the use of a gift for a specific purpose that is not part of an existing fund. See our Gift Acceptance Guidelines for more information.
A robust endowment contributes to Lowell's financial stability and is one of the important indicators of its long term success.

Gifts to the Endowment may be directed towards the following funds:

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