Student Visits

We look forward to meeting your child!

Pre-Primary School Visits
Applicants to the Pre-Primary School will visit on a weekday morning. Parents will check in to receive name tags, and a Pre-Primary School teacher will come to greet all visitors and escort students to a classroom. For every six-eight students, three teachers will be available to observe and interact. The visit will last for about one hour.
Kindergarten Visits (Primary School)
Applicants to Kindergarten will visit on a weekday morning from 9:00-10:30am. Students should wear comfortable clothing. During the one hour and thirty minute visit, students will engage in activities, enjoy a story, and have an assessment of cognitive skills. At the end of the visit, teachers will escort the children back to meet their parents.
1st–8th Grade Visits (Primary and Middle Schools)
Applicants will visit for a full school day, joining a class in their current grade. Visitors are assigned grade-level buddies who help them navigate the day. Students should wear comfortable clothing and bring a snack and lunch. Please note that Lowell is a nut-free school.

Student visitors in 1st-8th grade will sign in with the school receptionist and wait in the lobby until the visit begins. An Admissions Office representative will come and greet the students and take them to their respective classrooms. Students are invited to take part in classroom activities and learn more about the school by interacting with Lowell students during breaks and lunchtime. During their visit, students will have an assessment of reading and math skills.
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