Delta U

As the gateway into young adulthood, the preadolescent years can seem both exciting and overwhelming. During these years, students navigate new social, emotional, physical, and academic challenges. As they mature and become more independent, many feel the natural desire to step forward and establish themselves as responsible contributors to a complex world. Middle School is a truly transformative experience.

About the Program

Inspired by Sir Isaac Newton, the term DeltaU (∆U) symbolizes the potential for energy to change. In Middle School, kinetic energy abounds! Lowell's guidance coaching program adopted the ∆U symbol to reflect the commitment to seeing the potential in every student and coaching them to become the individuals they want to be.

The program fosters a safe environment for students to become self-advocates and active participants in their education and the world. Coaches help students turn problems into opportunities by asking empowering questions. Students articulate action plans, and coaches help hold them accountable. Specifically, the program addresses:
  • the development of inter/intrapersonal and leadership skills
  • setting goals and creating action plans (both academic and personal)
  • decision-making with integrity
  • growing through life experiences
  • responsibility, self-advocacy, and resilience
  • celebrating success

Student-Led Conferences

In the Middle School we have adapted the traditional parent-teacher conference format to directly involve students, putting their voices at the center of the conversation. Two times a year, students lead a discussion with their parents and Delta coach, sharing their successes and discussing future goals and strategies to achieve them. Students reflect on the three areas of assessment for each class—practices of an effective learner, engagement in the subject, and application of skill. Parents and Delta coaches welcome the opportunity to support students by listening actively, sharing perspectives, and asking clarifying questions.