Who We Are
Our students are excited by the world and energized by learning. They challenge assumptions and think critically and creatively. At Lowell, each student is considered an equal member within the school community.

Students + Families

Our families represent a variety of configurations, as well as ethnic, cultural, racial, and national backgrounds. Lowell's generous financial assistance program allows for economic diversity as well.

Parents, as well as grandparents and extended family, are active members of the school community. They are leaders, volunteers, and supporters, and they are vital to our dynamic community!
Student Body Profile 2016-17
Adopted: 10
African-American: 54
Asian-American: 7
European American: 204
Internationals: 8
Latino(a)/Hispanic: 18
Middle Eastern: 2
Multiracial: 52
Other: 3
Lowell Families 2015-16
Families w/2 children at Lowell: 50
Families w/3 children at Lowell: 9
Families w/4 children at Lowell: 1
Gay/Lesbian families: 10
Single Parent Families: 11
Two-household Families: 15
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Washington, DC  20012