Board of Trustees


Lowell School, Inc. is a non-profit educational institution organized under the laws of the District of Columbia. The School is governed by a Board of Trustees, which is responsible for determining the mission and strategic plan of the School, establishing overall policy, and assuring financial stability. Through its selection of a Head of School to serve as Lowell’s chief executive officer, the Board also ensures implementation of the policies it has adopted. 

The Board strives for diversity in the backgrounds and skills of trustees. All members share a common institutional commitment to maintain the character, philosophy, and fiscal health of Lowell School.
I joined the Lowell School board because I wanted to help support the extraordinary teachers, staff, and families that every day weave together Lowell's unique learning experience, feeding creative and curious intellects and shaping open-minded contributors to our society and planet.
—Todd Wilson, Parent

Board of Trustees

2016-17 Members

Liz Steinglass, Chair of the Board
Tracy Ballard, Vice Chair
Jess Rosenbaum, Immediate Past Chair
Elizabeth Mumford, Secretary
Sarah Harding, Assistant Secretary
Deb Gray, Treasurer
Wes Bizzell, Assistant Treasurer

Harry Bainbridge
Marcie Bane
Cheri Bridgeforth Castillo
Elaine Fitch
Bernard Fulton
Kari Gallagher
Robin Gellman
Louise Greenspan
Katrina Holliday
Geri Kierse Irwin
Melody Jackson
Damian Jones
Kim Jones
Colette Mattzie
Amy Mauser
Jill Morningstar
Todd Wilson

Debbie Gibbs, Head of School, ex officio
Joe Summerill, Lowell Parent Community President
Loriann Signori, Faculty Representative
1640 Kalmia Road NW
Washington, DC  20012