Faculty + Staff

Faculty + Staff

Marine biologist. Opera singer. Children’s book author. Geologist. Celebrated landscape painter. Marathon runner. Xu player. Yoga enthusiast. Sociologist. Poet. Choreographer. PhD. Park Ranger. Native Spanish speaker. We could go on, but this only begins to describe our faculty!

Extraordinary individuals all, our teachers bring instructional expertise, life experience, and the spirit of inquiry and collaboration into their classrooms every day. They know the many different ways that children learn, are attuned to their interests, and observe what they need. They bring energy and insight to their teaching and go the extra mile to reach their students as individuals and to challenge them in creative and thoughtful ways. With unwavering optimism in each child, our teachers help students develop talents, broaden perspectives, and achieve all that they can imagine.

Lowell recognizes that committed adults who embody the mission and values of the school are key to helping children realize personal transformation that enables them to be their most fully actualized selves. That’s why we cherish our teachers and staff and believe that their expertise will prepare and empower your child for the next stage of their education and life beyond.

—Amy Mauser, Alum Parent

Lowell really gets kids. That is not just true of teachers, but everyone at Lowell, and it makes it such a special place.