Adult Education

Always Learning

Children are not the only students at Lowell. Adults are also lifelong learners who need to be supported in their growth and given the tools needed to thrive in an increasingly multicultural world.
To that end, Lowell has dynamic professional development and parent education programs that pay particular attention to issues of diversity, inclusion, and equity. These programs not only enhance the work of teachers, staff, and parents, but are an important part of healthy community-building.

In addition to offering workshops, speakers, book talks, and film screenings, Lowell hosts a year-long seminar for faculty and staff as part of The National SEED Project on Inclusive Curriculum.

Lowell's director of diversity, inclusion, and equity initiatives also identifies various local and national events for individuals, as well as groups, to attend. Past professional development opportunities have included the NAIS People of Color Conference and AIMS Diversity Conference for Teachers and Administrators.

Past Adult Education Workshops and Events

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  • 2016-17

    • A series of conversations and workshops for parents, including "How to Talk to Your Children About Race," "Cultural Competency Standards and Curricular Applications," "Talking About Race at School"
    • A theater outing and discussion of the play Charm at the Mosaic Theater for parents, faculty, and staff
    • Lowell hosts the "Regional Diversity and Inclusion Dinner and Discussion for Lower School Educators" 
    • A workshop for faculty and staff with Dr. Derrick Gay
    • New affinity group established for Parents of Students of Color

  • 2015-16

    • Anti-Defamation League training on implicit bias for full faculty and staff
    • A series of conversations on diversity for parents: "How to Talk to Your Kids About Adoption," " How to Talk to Your Kids About Religion," "How to Talk to Your Kids About World Conflict"
    • A screening of I'm Not Racist . . Am I? and workshop with director Catherine Wigginton Greene
    • A panel discussion on "Learning Differences in the Classroom"
  • 2014-15

    • A series of conversations on diversity for parents: "Aspects of Identity," "Racial Identity," and "How to Talk to Children About the Events in Ferguson, Staten Island and St. Louis"
    • Selma: a discussion for parents, faculty, and staff
    • A Celebration of Diverse Books—highlighting current multicultural resources in the school's libraries
    • Third Annual Diversity Film Festival and Discussion for faculty and staff
  • 2013-14

    • Workshop on gender and sexuality diversity for faculty and staff by Dr. Jennifer Bryan
    • A screening of American Promise for parents, faculty and staff, and community members
    • A racial literacy workshop for the school community led by Dr. Howard Stevenson
    • Board training conducted by Caroline Blackwell from NAIS
    • A diversity film festival and discussion for faculty and staff

—Lowell Teacher

As a result of participating in SEED, I have become more aware and appreciative of the life experiences and views of others. I have also learned more about myself and how I can bring about change.