Campus + Sustainability

Lowell is located on eight-acres in Northwest Washington, DC, just off of upper 16th Street near Rock Creek Park. The School’s tree-filled setting and proximity to the District's many resources make it an ideal educational setting. Our campus is one of our greatest resources: it gives students ample space to play, splash, slide, run, draw, observe, and discover.

Our Campus

As part of the curriculum, students investigate the life cycle of tadpoles in the stream, test the water's PH, use the lush grounds as inspiration for painting en plein air, track the many species of birds that call our campus home, and experiment with cutting-edge gardening techniques. Teachers and students alike find new ways to learn in and from Lowell's expansive, natural setting every year—the possibilities are boundless!

Sustainability at Lowell

The Lowell School community—comprised of students, staff, and parents—works collaboratively to build awareness about environmental sustainability and to take responsibility for reducing our collective ecological footprint. In our curriculum and across all aspects of school operations, we continually strive to integrate the values and knowledge necessary to help develop the next generation of sustainability leaders—our children. We recognize that living sustainably is an ongoing process, in which we all must:
  • Critically analyze the impact of our decisions
  • Reduce waste through decreased consumption, composting, recycling
  • Use resources wisely—materials, supplies, construction, energy
  • Reduce, and eventually eliminate, the use of and exposure to toxic chemicals
  • Design and create more sustainable school grounds and buildings
  • Support classroom learning with informal education opportunities
  • Offer sustainably produced, healthier food choices, whenever possible

Our Grounds

For an urban school, our grounds reflect an amazing diversity of environments. Lowell’s campus provides habitat for a healthy population of birds, newts, squirrels, deer, raccoon, bees, foxes, and bats. Lowell takes a deliberate and sustainable approach to grounds maintenance that minimizes disturbance and use of chemicals.
1640 Kalmia Road NW
Washington, DC  20012