School News

Hair Like Me

Heather Burris and her daughter Autumn took turns reading Hair Like Me during a visit with Pre-Primary students this morning. Heather was inspired to write the book after an interaction she had with Autumn who asked for straight “princess hair” just like hers. Heather, who had been straightening her hair for many years, realized that she needed to show Autumn that princesses could have any type of hair. So, she decided to grow her hair natural and keep it curly. She wanted Autumn to know that she is beautiful just the way she is.

After reading the book, Heather asked the children how they like to wear their hair. “Curly.” “Short.” “In braids,” the children answered. Children had questions for her, too. “How long did it take you to write the book?” “How many pages are there?” “What is the book made out of?” “Is that you on the cover?”

Pre-Primary School Librarian Christine McDaniels announced to the group that each classroom would get a copy of the book, which Heather and Autumn both signed, to bring a close to the morning visit.
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