School News

Shattering Records

From Dave Levy, Athletics Director (Monday, April 22): "Isabella took a deep breath and ran full speed at the board, hitting it perfectly and soaring through the air. All eyes were on the tape as the official measured her mark. He looked down at it for a little extra time, not believing what he was seeing. “16’6,” he announced calmly, though there is nothing calm about a mark that moves Isabella into 10th place in the United States among Middle School Track and Field athletes! Her previous PR, worthy of a 2018 DC Championship, was a not-too-shabby 14’10.5”. [Monday], she shattered that jump—twice. Her third jump of 15’8” was also extraordinary—but it’s her 16’6”, a PR of more than a foot, that Lowell will be talking about forever… Congratulations to Isabella—she has worked hard for that mark!"