School News

CAPS: Teacher to Teacher

Last week the faculty attended the Capital Area Progressive Schools (CAPS) Conference at Burgundy Farm Country Day School. The theme was “Responsive Practices: Diversity, Equity, and Differentiation.” In true progressive spirit, the conference was designed and led by the participants themselves—the teachers. Sessions were interactive and hands on, and teachers shared expertise, inspiration, and best practices that benefit all students.
Third Grade Teacher Kathie Clements, one of Lowell’s representatives on the planning team reflects, “Sharing our practice helps all of grow in refining our teaching. I love the opportunity to learn from others.” Planning for the conference took a full year and “was a major undertaking by volunteers who keenly believe in progressive education,” Kathie says.
Lowell teachers led five workshops and three roundtable discussions and also participated in two panel discussions. Debbie’s retirement was announced, and she was honored for her lifelong dedication to education, her visionary leadership of Lowell, and her instrumental support of CAPS.