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Catching Up with Randy Scott, SportsCenter: AM Anchor

Last Friday was electrifying for Primary School Sports Club members who got to meet one of their idols. Thanks to a connection of Academic Technologist Sam Moser, club members had the chance to chat with ESPN SportsCenter: AM anchor, Randy Scott, via Skype. After Randy gave some background on his path to becoming an ESPN anchor, students threw their hands in the air eager to ask questions.

The club meets once a week with Sam and 5th Grade Teacher Justin Haas to expand their sports knowledge. It was thrilling for them to interact with someone as knowledgeable as Randy Scott, whose sports talk ranges from the history of big games to players’ stats and career highlights. Randy fielded their initial questions about his favorite interviews, athletes, and teams and shared his opinion on the last NFL draft picks and baseball trades. As Randy mentioned teams like the Raiders and Giants and players like Bo Jackson and Matt Ryan students nodded enthusiastically, gave their friends sideways smiles, and settled bets. With the softball questions out of the way, students put Randy on the spot. “Who was the best football player you’ve ever seen?” “Do you think the Odell trade was good?” and “Who do you think should not be in the Hall of Fame for NFL, basketball, and/or baseball?” “Ooph, that’s a good one,” said Randy, a veteran interviewer, as he searched for his answer.

As time was running out one student asked, “What team do you think will win the next Super Bowl?” Sports Club members were on edge as Randy suggested the Rams and then the Browns only to land on Kansas City. The students were surprised by Randy’s final answer, but they were even more surprised when Randy suggested that they check in again next year after the Super Bowl. When the interview concluded, the students’ eyes glimmered with excitement and disbelief. Justin and Sam couldn’t help to share their wide-eyed amazement.