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Lowell Presents at Carney Sandoe Diversity Forum

Last week, division directors—Stefania Rubino, Jason Novak, and Kavan Yee—joined Michelle Belton, director of diversity, inclusion, and equity, for a panel discussion on Lowell’s hiring and retention practices at the Carney Sandoe & Associates FORUM/Diversity conference in Philadelphia, PA. The presentation, “Building a Community of Inclusion,” highlighted the diversity present at Lowell—including people of color, LGBTQ, and international identities—and detailed the practices that have led to Lowell’s success in growing a diverse and culturally competent teaching community.

The presentation touched on topics such as
  • fostering an environment that values and honors each individual;
  • anchoring the hiring process in the school’s mission;
  • supporting new members of the school community through their transition;
  • offering focused professional development; and
  • the importance of board and faculty-staff committees to further the school’s work of diversity, inclusion, and equity.
Following the presentation, the team felt invigorated and proud. Michelle describes Carney Sandoe as, “a major connector of prospective teachers and independent schools across the nation.” For Stefania Rubino, director of Pre-Primary School, presenting at Carney Sandoe puts “Lowell on the map” as a school committed to this work. “We are really leading in a significant way,” Director of Primary School Jason Novak affirms.