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  • Earth Day at Lowell

    Environmentalism In the Classroom: Lowell Celebrates Earth Day

    Students all around campus today recognized Earth Day in a variety of ways.
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  • Language Lessons; Life Lessons

    At Lowell School, learning a new language goes beyond memorizing vocabulary and grammar or practicing everyday conversation like ordering at a restaurant.
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  • Finding Inspiration Between the Pages

    "It was a tremendous day," exclaims Librarian Christine McDaniels referring to virtual visits by Illustrator/Author duo Robbi Behr and Matthew Swanson to Primary School students on April 1
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  • The Game of Life

    Lowell School’s Tax Project, also known as the Game of Life, is an opportunity for 6th graders to apply math concepts, such as percentages, fractions, and decimals, to a situation most parents are very familiar with—taxes.
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  • 6th Graders Get Serious About Trees

    Trees are a critical part of our ecosystem, providing numerous services, including acting as wildlife habitats, cooling structures, and absorbing CO2 and rainwater. That's what Lowell's 6th graders learned during last month's iTree Eco project in science classes.
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  • Road to Justice Speaker Visits 7th Graders

    Though the 7th grade Road to Justice trip is canceled this year, the lessons from that experience remain at the forefront of the curriculum.
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  • AIM Survey

    Families will soon be invited to participate in similar discovery groups that will take place after Spring Break.
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  • Lowell Teacher Recognized for DEI Leadership

    Second grade teacher Jazmine Jackson joins Temple University's 30 Under 30 roster for her leadership in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) work in education.
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  • Black History Month and Beyond

    When change seems to be the only constant, turning to our mission and values by remembering who we are, what we believe, and what makes Lowell, Lowell, is like returning home—to a space that 'fills the well'. The work our community does around civil rights and social justice is evident throughout the year in our curriculum and even in everyday conversations at Lowell. As a result, January and February have transformed into a celebration of this work as Social Justice day, conversations on race, honoring Black History Month, and exercising advocacy during Black Lives Matter week take centerstage at Lowell.
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  • Social Justice Day: A day of inspiration and hope

    Last Friday, faculty, staff, and students participated in the first all-school Social Justice Day.
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  • Social Justice Day—Expanded

    Each year, a new iteration of Social Justice Day pushes the boundaries of generating social awareness and advocacy in the Lowell community.
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  • U.S. Capitol Building.

    How to Talk to Kids About World Events

    A list of resources to aid conversations with children about the attack on the U.S. Capitol this week.
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