A Beloved Tradition Serving the Community

This year, Secret Shop will be open Monday and Tuesday, Dec. 9–10 Each Primary School group will have 45 minutes to shop, purchase, and have their gifts wrapped.

Secret Shop gives K-5 students the opportunity to shop for family and friends during the winter holiday season. It is stocked with new and nearly new items donated by Lowell families and organized by the Lowell Parent Community (LPC). Prices range from 50 cents to $2.00. The 3rd graders run the shop—guiding customers, tabulating their purchases, and assisting with gift-wrapping.

Secret Shop not only offers valuable learning experiences for the 3rd graders, but empowers them to serve their communities. Students donate proceeds from the shop to local outreach organizations that they have researched.

For this event, every student will need:

  • A shopping bag with handles and their name on it: Please provide a bag for your child(ren) to bring home the gift-wrapped presents purchased at the Secret Shop.
  • An envelope containing money to purchase items at The Secret Shop: Gifts cost between $0.50 to $2.00. Please send in $5.00 per child. Any unspent money will be returned in the envelope and put in the bag with the wrapped gifts.
  • Labels filled out with the names of four (4) people for whom your child(ren) will be buying gifts. Label example: “To Sam, Love Linda.” Additional labels will be available at the Secret Shop, in case of mistakes. **Label and instructions will go home the week of December 2.
To ensure nothing goes missing, please staple the envelope (with money in it) and the labels (completed with the names of gift recipients on them) to the bag you are sending in.


Please contact Secret Shop chairs Jennifer Lewis, Tom Lewis, and Colleen Heller. Parent volunteers are essential to the success of this event! Sign up to help with compiling, sorting, pricing, and displaying the many donated gifts. We'd love to have you aboard!

Donations Needed

Over 1,000 items are needed to meet our shopper's needs. So, clean out those closets! We will take gently used CDs, DVDs, ties, scarves, caps, t-shirts, jewelry, tools, intact puzzles and games, books, notepads, mugs, knickknacks, purses, fancy soaps and candles, and more!

Donations can be left inside the door of the Primary School or at the After School Program door in the Secret Shop boxes. For larger donations, please coordinate with Marsi at the front desk.
Shopping Departments:
  • Dads and Dudes
  • Teens and Tweens
  • Games, Gamers, and Teams
  • Pet Toys
  • Books & Cookbooks
  • Personal Care / Fitness
  • For the Home
  • Ladies Fashion (bags, jewelry, accessories)
  • Babies
  • Movies + Music
Please also look for announcements of dates for periodic curbside carpool drop-off and dates/times to volunteer in the shop.