We're looking forward to having you!

March 22, 8:00–11:45 am

What a joy it is to celebrate learning with your wonderful grandchildren! Many hands and hearts are involved in planning this day, and we hope it is as special for you as it is for the children who eagerly anticipate your visit.

Comfortable clothes are recommended to fully participate in an active morning at Lowell. Questions? Contact Sarah Harding via email or call 202-577-2003.


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  • Pre-Primary School

    8:15 am: Arrival and Class Time

    9:15 am:
    Coffee Break and Welcome from Stefania Rubino in the Willow Room

    9:45 am:
    Classroom and Outdoor Time

    10:45 am:
    Story Time

    11:00 am: Singing Meeting

    11:30 am:
  • Primary School

    8:15 am: Arrival Time, Morning Meeting, Classroom Time

    9:30 am:
    Coffee and Refreshments

    9:45 am: Presentation by Debbie Gibbs and Jason Novak

    10:45 am:
    Classroom Time

    11:30 am:
  • Middle School

    8:10–8:25 am: Coffee with Head of School Debbie Gibbs

    8:29–10:16 am: Classroom rotations

    10:20–10:53 am: Break (optional), Coffee break with Director of Middle School Kavan Yee & 4th period

    10:57–11:29 am: Final class rotation

    11:30 am: Dismissal