Pre-Primary Remote Learning Plan

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While the campus is closed Pre-Primary School teachers will provide ideas for playful, concrete activities that you can do with your children. These activities will be hands-on learning experiences similar to what children might do at school.

Each day you can expect to see three (3) activities to do with your child. In addition, Creative Movement Teacher Elly Porter and Librarian Christine McDaniels will each post one additional activity per week.

To get messages, activities, and resources from teachers, parents should check students’ class pages and email daily.

The week of April 6, Pre-Primary teachers begin synchronous learning—a scheduled time to interact “live” with the teacher via Zoom. Classroom teachers will engage children in activities like morning meetings or storytime. Each classroom will provide details on specific times and days.

Please note that these activities are designed to foster the connection with the students in an interactive way as well as to continue to be developmentally appropriate, and offer a meaningful and balanced time in front of the screen. The interactive activities would take at most a half-hour of your child’s time. We do not intend to have children spending time in front of screens for long periods of time.

How to Access Class Pages

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  • Lowell Terminology and Remote Learning

    Class Webpage
    Students will find all their assignments, materials, resources, links, announcements, discussion boards, and information here on their class page. The class page can be found on our internal platform called Blackbaud. Students and families may access this by logging into the school’s website.

    Loom Video
    An application used by students and teachers to record messages and/or lessons. This will be used to provide instructions for every asynchronous lesson, assignment, and/or activity.

    Zoom Video Conferencing
    An application and website that provides a platform for virtual meetings. In planning ahead, I recommend going to to install the free version of the application on your computer. If you need more help with installing Zoom or the specific step connected to Zoom, please contact

    Asynchronous Learning
    Independent lessons and/or work provided to the student that includes an instructional video. Students have the entire day to complete it. Teachers are available for questions or help via email. Expectations:
    • Teachers will post asynchronous Loom videos/lessons and other types of activities each day for 10:00 am.
    • Teachers will be available via email to answer questions.
    • It will be important for you and our students to create a daily routine to consistently check each class webpage.
    Synchronous Learning
    A scheduled hour to interact “live” with teachers and/or class peers via Zoom or video conferencing applications.
  • What is the role of parents?

    We ask parents to help monitor remote learning by checking class webpages and emails daily and guiding children as questions arise. Please reach out to your child’s teachers, our support staff, and administrators when you need support.
  • How will attendance work?

    If your child is sick, please notify the school as you would on any other school day.

    Pre-Primary families should email

    Classroom Teachers
    Stefania Rubino
    Nurse Mary

    Primary School families should email
    Classroom Teachers
    Marsi Jackson
    Nurse Mary

    Middle School families should email
    Delta Coach
    Gia Harewood
    Nurse Mary

    In addition, Middle School students are required to connect with Delta Coaches every morning at 9:00 am, and coaches will record attendance.
  • When will the day's messages and activities be posted?

    10:00 am
  • Where will messages and activities be posted?

    All messages, activities, and/or assignments will be posted on class webpages on the password-protected portal of the website. You can navigate to your child(ren)’s class pages once you have logged in to the website. Pre-Primary and Primary School parents will also receive information via email.

    See the instructional video from Academic Technologist Sam Moser below if you need help accessing your child's class page.
  • How will I know what's going on?

    You can expect to hear from the school regularly through our already established channels. Pre-Primary and Primary School teachers will continue to send weekly newsletters. Delta Coaches and administrators will touch base as needed.

    You can reach out to us as well, and we will respond within 24 hours as is our current practice.
IT Staff
Office Hours:
Online 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday-Friday.
In an emergency call Artur’s desk at 202-577-2089.
Download the following Acceptable Use Policy documents for your reference.

Lowell Acceptable Use Policy
Pre-Primary AUP Addendum
Remote Learning Release
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