Sunday, May 19 12:30–4:00 pm

Join our Lowell student artists, dancers, musicians, and theater technicians in celebrating a day of art, dance, music, and interactive parent-child arts opportunities.

12:30 pm Kick-off

Show off your unique style and make an unforgettable entrance in the Red Carpet Walk & Photo Op in Parkside.

*1:00 pm performers should arrive at 12:30 pm

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  • Special Preview Events

    Interactive Parent-Child Art Workshop with Loriann Signori
    Date: Saturday, May 11
    Time: 1:30–2:30/3 pm (open ended )
    Location: PS Art Studio
    Reservation required & limited to the first 10 parent-child teams.

    “Art does not reproduce the visible rather, it makes it visible.” - Paul Klee.
    This workshop will combine the idea of land snorkeling with some of the teachings of artist Paul Klee. Join us for the fun! Parent participation with his/her/their child is required for this not-to-be-missed event.

    Lowell School Pop Bands
    Matt Frazao, Morgan Russell, Brian Weber & Mike Woods
    Date: Tuesday, May 14
    Time: 6:30–9:00 pm
    Location: Black Box Theater

  • Art Exhibits

    Pre-Primary-8th Grade Student Art Exhibits 1:00–4:00 pm

    School-wide art exhibit of Lowell students featuring their most exemplar works of arts.
    Curators: Mario Argueta, Paul Goldblatt, Jacki Pliskin & Loriann Signori

    Pre-Primary School Exhibits: PP Hallways

    Pre-primary students explore the themes of “things in motion” and “building up” in their creative artwork.

    K-5 Primary School Exhibits: Hallways & Atrium

    K-2nd Grade: Kindergartners will show hand-dyed silk pillows, 1st graders will exhibit the works from their study of Paul Klee, and 2nd graders will share clay alebrije dioramas and ascending/descending columns made from recycled materials.
    3rd-5th Grade: Exhibits show students’ artistic journeys and organic process in creating an artistic style in mixed media based on their interests.

    Middle School & Wood Working Exhibits: 2nd-3rd Floors & Multipurpose Room

    6th Grade: Graffiti Art
    7th & 8th Grade: Natural Mosaics, Imaginative, Larger than Life Portraits which incorporate the elements of design.
    Wood Working: Students show their synthesis of drafting and using learned tool techniques to execute a piece of crafted furniture.
  • Art Workshops

    Interactive Art Workshop with Jackie!
    Jackie Pliskin, Primary School Art & Middle School POD Instructor
    Time: 1:30–2:30 pm
    Location: PS Art Studio
    Participant Limit: 20—First come, first served basis

    Come by and create something exciting with the talented Jackie Pliskin! A potter since 1997, Jackie has developed art-based programs in collaboration with museums and arts organizations. She has also served as a board of directors co-chair for a local arts-organization serving children and adults. Jackie joined the Lowell faculty in 2011.

    Create Your Very Own Bird House with Mario!
    Mario Argueta, Pre-Primary/Primary School Art Instructor & Woodshop Instructor
    Time: 2:00–2:30 pm
    Location: MS Art South Studio
    Participant Limit: 15 Pre-Primary children - First come, first serve basis

    Come by and create a birdhouse with talented artist and wood craftsman, Mario Argueta!

    Interactive Art Workshop with Paul Goldblatt
    Paul Goldblatt, Middle School Art/STEAM & POD Instructor
    Time: 2:30-4:00 pm
    Location: MS Art Studios

    Come by and create something exciting with the talented Paul Goldblatt! All ages welcome.
  • Dance Performances

    Lowell After School Dance Recital
    Elly Porter, Primary School Creative Movement & Dance Instructor
    Time: 1:00–1:30 pm
    Location: PS Dance Studio

    Led by Elly Porter, the younger dancers in class have created a fantasy world where monarch butterflies save the day. A delicate balance of good and evil is explored in the choreography of the older dancers. All dancers were a part of this organic, creative process that culminated in the dances that you will see in the recital.

    Lowell Middle School Dance Electives: A Fusion of Dance Styles
    Celeste Jones, Middle School Dance & Theatre Arts Instructor
    Time: 1:00–1:30 pm
    Location: Gymnasium

    Middle School students and their teacher present choreographed pieces in a fusion of varied dance styles.

    Creative Dance Workshop: Nature
    Elly Porter, Primary School Creative Movement & Dance Instructor
    Time: 3:00–3:30 pm
    Location: Outside by the Stream

    Suitable for all ages. People of all ages are invited to come together to experience the connection between the earth and dance. Dancers will embody the landscape of the natural surroundings through movement. Together, we will create a dance that expresses where we are in the moment and in the landscape.
  • Musical Performances

    Lowell Primary School 4th Grade Mini-Concert & Recorder Ensemble
    Charmaine Hamann, Primary School Music & Drama Instructor & Arts Amplified Coordinator
    Time: 2:30-3:00 pm
    Location: Gymnasium

    Show Way: A Short Sampling of Songs of the Underground Railroad
    Spring + Flicks = Spring Flicks!

    First, take a musical “Show way” journey on the Underground Railroad with 4th Graders as they perform African American Spirituals which were code songs used to convey messages on the Underground Railroad. Next hear a short selection of solos and duets on soprano recorder around the themes of spring and movie soundtracks or “flicks.”

    Lowell School 7th-8th Chorus & Band
    Mike Woods, Middle School Band Director
    Celeste Jones, Middle School Choral Director
    Time: 2:15–3:00 pm
    Location: Black Box Theater
    Choristers will perform a medley of Broadway & popular songs.
    Band instrumentalists perform a variety of music genres such as concert band, film score, jazz, and pop music through the following band pieces: Feel It Still, Quiet Time, Mission Impossible, Five Spot After Dark, Alligator Alley, and Asian Folk Rhapsody.

    Interactive Parent-Child Jam Session with Audrey!
    For Pre-Primary, Kindergarten, and 1st Grade Students and Parents
    Time: 3:00-3:45 pm
    Location: PS K-1 Music Room

    Learn Lowell’s singing meeting classics with the amazing Audrey Engdahl and take home a Lowell School Singing Meeting Song Booklet. With 18 years of experience working in schools and performances throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, you’ll be in the best of hands! Parents, you are welcome to bring your instruments. The song sheets will have chords included. Audrey has three recordings available for download on CD —Audrey Engdahl: Life After Old MacDonald (2008), Rick & Audrey: Imagine That (2007), and Sense of Wonder: Open the Gate (2007).

All Day 12:30–4:00 pm

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