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    Welcome Reception New Parents

    Contact: Liz Yee

    Shapely Sounds PS Gathering K-2nd

    Please join us for the Kindergarten-First Grade Shapely Sounds Music Gathering. The Kindergarteners have been exploring timbre and pattern and have composed a song which they will play on a variety of rhythm instruments. The 1st graders have been studying the octave scale and will perform a song using rhythmic “boom-whackers.”
    Contact: Jason Novak

    Author of Self-Driven Child Guest Speakers

    Clinical neuropsychologist, William Stixrud, and his co-author, Ned Johnson, combine insights from clinical practice, brain science and educational coaching in their deeply researched book, The Self Driven Child, to offer practical advice and a vision for how parents can use a collaborative, mutually respectful approach to raise ‘self-driven’ children, who are independent, purpose-driven and have a healthy definition of what is a successful and meaningful life. This book is a must read for all parents and educators. Order a discounted paperback or hardcover copy of the book ahead!

    Register Here  |  Child Care Sign-up Deadline: March 1
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    POD Exhibitions-8 Rose

    8th graders will present their Project of Discovery work to their parents and the community.
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    Parent Coffee with Donna Lindner

    Contact: Tammy Brown
  7. 9

    Coffee with Donna Lindner-Our new Head of School

    For newly accepted families.
    Contact: Liz Yee


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    Parent Council Meeting

  2. 12

    The Mask You Live In

    The Lowell Board of Trustees Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee is hosting the screening and follow up discussion of the documentary, "The Mask You Live In."
  3. 14

    Learning Differences and Neurodiversity (LDN) Parent Affinity Group

    Do you have a helpful ideas or strategies that you use to help your children get organized, complete their homework, or to set routines? Great! Bring them along. We will be sharing strategies, tips, and tools that have proven to be helpful at home.

    POD Exhibitions-8 Teal

  4. 15

    5th Grade Bi-Lingual Play

    Fifth graders present a one-act bilingual play in Spanish and English, A Gift for Pachacuti Inca & El Molinero Honesto (The Honest Miller). Performances are from 1:15-3:00 pm with a brief intermission.
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    Washington Wizards!

    Join the Adventure Club for a Washington Wizards outing!
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    PP and K Greentree Shelter Donation Collection

    Once a month, we will contribute to Pasta Night at the Greentree Shelter and create a quality, family-style experience much like those in our own homes for the residents. Check your email for more information.
    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Dawn Smith or call 202-577-2006 or Johanna Lopez or call 202-577-2091.
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    Board Meeting

    Dinner at 6:30 pm
    Contact: Tammy Brown
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