Swim Lessons

COVID-19 Update

While COVID-19 forced Lowell to close our pool in early 2020, we are working diligently to reopen our aquatics program as soon as possible. We plan to provide information on scheduling and sign-ups in the coming weeks.

USA Swimming Instruction

Learning to swim at an early age opens up a whole new world of fun and fitness and is also a critically important life skill. We follow USA Swimming guidelines to ensure swimmers learn proper fundamentals and safety practices. Adults may also enroll in private or semi-private lessons at our pool.

  1. Swimmers must be at least 3 years of age
  2. They must be toilet trained
  3. Swim diapers or “rubber bottoms” are not allowed
  4. Parents are not allowed in the pool with children during lessons

Swim Classes

We offer three skill levels of instruction. We ask that you make every effort to register your child at the appropriate level. Instructors assess swimmers on the first day of the session to ensure that they are in the best class for their skill set.

If a change is necessary, we will do our best to accommodate this; however, classes fill quickly and may not always have additional spaces available.

Cost for all levels is $140 for a 6-week session. Make-up classes/lessons for missed dates are not guaranteed. Make-up spaces are very limited

Priority Registration
Currently registered swimmers will receive an early two-day priority registration period for the next session before registration opens to the general public. These dates can be found by clicking on the 'Schedule' button, then selecting 'Registration Dates.'

Swim Class Overviews

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  • Tadpoles

    Intro/Beginners (Level 1)
    Swimmers learn about pool safety and are acclimated to being in and around a pool. They learn basic exercises and skills that lay the foundation for developing the primary swimming strokes. The focus is on fundamental skills that include holding one’s breath, air exchange, floating, kicking, and arm motions for freestyle and backstroke.
  • Goldfish

    Freestyle and Backstroke (Level 2)
    At this level, students build on fundamental techniques. They learn to balance in the water, hold the correct body position, and understand how their motions enable them to move through the water. Goldfish also work on building coordination, strength, proper freestyle and backstroke kicks, arm motions, and swimming on their own in shallow and deep ends of the pool.
  • Catfish

    The Catfish program is our transition program from lessons to swim team, it is our pre-team program, and it will focus on stroke development, stroke technique, and teaching the fundamentals of the four competitive strokes, along with the starts/turns associated with each stroke. Coaches will provide up to date stroke technique instruction through positive reinforcement and immediate feedback. Another important objective for this group is to develop an intrinsic love of swimming and the water, through healthy positive competition, games and a fun low-pressure team atmosphere. The Pre-Team Coaches will use a combination of instructional approaches ranging from USA Swimming and American Red Cross instructional techniques to an adapted versions of Progressive Classroom techniques. Coaches will teach each aspect of the stroke using drills, positive feedback, examples and anecdotes to allow swimmers a better and more full understanding of how each stroke works. Swimmers will focus on the how & why fundamentals work, why each stroke has its own separate start & turn, as well as incorporating some general swimming endurance and speed training.

    To be eligible for Catfish a swimmer must be able to:
    1. Swim both freestyle & backstroke for at least 50 yards with limited assistance
    2. While using a kickboard be able to kick 100 yards uninterrupted

Private Lessons

Private Lessons $235 / Semi Private Swim Lessons: $430

If you feel that you or your child would benefit from private (one swimmer) or semi-private (two swimmers maximum) lessons, we offer accommodations for both. These are available Friday evenings and Saturday mornings or afternoons. Sessions are six (6) weeks.

Waitlist and Priority Registration: If all available spaces are filled, please contact our registrar to have your name added to the waitlist. If any time slots become available, we will notify you. Currently registered swimmers will receive an early two-day priority registration period before registration opens to the general public. These dates can be found by clicking on the 'Schedule' button, then selecting 'Registration Dates.'

Semi-Private: Co-participants must make scheduling arrangements prior to registration. Semi-private lessons are neither initiated nor organized by Lowell staff. Each swimmer must register and submit payment individually. Both swimmers must be at the same skill level.
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