Middle School Remote Learning Plan

Each day students will conduct a morning meeting with their ∆Coach at 9:00 AM through three possible vehicles—an email exchange, a shared Google Doc, or video/audio conferencing. The communication will go over the classes scheduled for the day, provide a social-emotional check-in, answer any questions or direct students to the proper communication channel, and provide some fun.

Students will be required to participate in four (4) classes and Delta each day. Each class will provide between 40–60 minutes of instruction. Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Spanish, and the Arts will be the only classes delivered during distance learning time period. A 30-min reading period and a 30-min physical activity period will also be assigned.

Each class will have instructions, lessons, activities, resources, and homework posted on their class page by 10:00 AM. The teacher for each class will be available for questions or guidance, “office hours” through email, Hapara, or video conferencing between 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM. Students will have that day (or more) to complete all the activities or homework provided by the four classes. The combination of class work and homework should not exceed five (5) hours each day. If your child is struggling with the amount of work, parents should notify the teacher.

Download a copy of the Middle School Remote Learning Plan.
Mary Van Sickle

Kavan Yee (MS) 

Gia Harewood

Annie Neary (6-8)

Teryn Gilmore

Sara Hodges

How to Access Class Pages

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  • Lowell Terminology and Remote Learning

    Lowell Portal
    Technically known as Blackbaud, is the place where families should go to check Class Webpages, assignments, due dates, and the most distinguishing thing is that grades will be posted here.

    Opt-In Remote Learning
    Option for families who chose remote learning versus on-campus instruction.

    Google Classroom
    Specific directions and resources for assignments reflected on the Lowell Portal will be posted to Google Classroom (GC).

    Zoom Video Conferencing
    An application that provides a platform for virtual meetings. In planning ahead, please visit zoom.us to install the free version of the application on your computer. If you need more help with installing Zoom or the specific step connected to Zoom, please contact help@lowellschool.org.

    Google Calendar
    Is seamlessly integrated with Google Classroom to show assignments for students in a calendar view. Students will learn how to use Google Classroom and will learn how to accept meetings with teachers as well.

    Asynchronous Learning
    Independent lessons and/or work provided to the student that includes an instructional video. Families are encouraged to go at a pace that suits them to complete independent lessons.

    Teachers are available for questions or help via email.

    Synchronous Learning
    A scheduled time to interact “live” with teachers and/or class peers via Zoom.
  • What is the role of parents?

    We ask parents to help monitor remote learning by checking class pages, Google Classroom, and emails daily, and guiding children as questions arise. Please reach out to your child’s teachers, our support staff, and administrators when you need support.
  • How will attendance work?

    If your child is sick, please notify the school as you would on any other school day.

    Middle School families should email

    Delta Coach
    Gia Harewood
    Nurse Mary

    Middle School students are required to connect with Delta Coaches every morning at by 8:25 am, and coaches will record attendance. If a student is not in school by 8:25 am, that student will be marked as absent.
  • Where will messages and activities be posted?

    All messages, activities, and information directly related to assignments will be posted on Seesaw. All teacher to parent communication will be on the class pages on the password-protected portal of the website. You can navigate to your child(ren)’s class pages once you have logged in to the website.

    Pre-Primary School parents will also receive information via email.

    See the instructional video from Academic Technologist Sam Moser below if you need help accessing your child's class page.
  • When will messages and activities be posted?

  • How will I know what's going on?

    You can expect to hear from the school regularly through our already established channels. Pre-Primary and Primary School teachers will continue to send weekly newsletters. Delta Coaches and administrators will touch base as needed.

    You can reach out to us as well, and we will respond within 24 hours as is our current practice.

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  • Asynchronous Learning

    Asynchronous learning –independent work provided to the student that includes an instructional video. Students have the entire day to complete it. Teachers are available for questions or help via email. Students can send an email request to schedule “live” one-on-one meetings with teachers via Zoom.
    • Teachers will post asynchronous Loom Videos/Lessons on the assigned day (Days A–E) by 10:00 AM.
    • Teachers will be available via email to answer questions from 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM on asynchronous scheduled days.
    • MS Faculty and Staff will have scheduled (team, department, or divisional) meetings between 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM (Days A–E).
    • Teachers will “turn-off” the notifications feature on all their posts to eliminate the number of emails that parents will receive. It will be important for you and our students to create a daily routine to consistently check each class webpage. If needed, you can also turn off the notifications feature if it becomes a distraction or if it is bringing too many notifications via email that may be difficult to manage. You remove notifications by logging into the website, going to Settings, and then to Notifications.
  • Synchronous Learning

    Synchronous learning—a scheduled hour to interact “live” with the teacher via Zoom. Detailed synchronous school hours by grade level.

    Expectations :
    • All students and teachers must be present during the synchronous hour.
    • Attendance will be taken.
    • All in attendance must be fully clothed, following the guidelines of the MS Dress Code.
    • During this hour–there should be no cell phones, music, tv, or any other distractions near you or playing in the background.
    • All in attendance will follow the MS Acceptable Use Policy for Remote Learning.
    • Teachers will provide a videoconferencing link (Zoom) for the synchronous hour via email and/or the class page (synchronous schedule below).
    • On the synchronous scheduled days, teachers could :
    • Post a Loom Video at 10:00 AM and then provide help during the synchronous hour;
    • Conduct a lesson during the synchronous hour and not post a Loom Video;
    • Have a guest speaker or conduct a virtual field trip during the synchronous hour.
    • For the time being, Arts Classes (Band, Guitar, Art Design, Healing Arts, Digital Arts, Creative Writing, Choreography, Dancinema) will remain asynchronous –teachers providing a lesson or activity through a Loom Video. Normally, our “one of a kind” Middle School schedule provides our students with a lot of voice and choice in the selection of their arts classes. Unfortunately, our new remote learning environment is unable to reproduce that exact experience. As we move to create a solution, synchronous “student pop-in hours” have been scheduled into the plan to provide our students with the same personal connection and support from their teachers.
    Note: The MS Remote Learning workload (combination of asynchronous and synchronous) should not exceed 5 hours . Please inform your child’s subject matter teacher if the amount of work becomes overwhelming and you are unable to complete the assignment.

    Review: Middle School Remote Learning Plan: Teacher, Student, and Parent Roles and Goals
IT Staff
Sam Moser
Director of Academic Technology

Chanel Malik
MS Academic Technologist

Tech Office Hours:
Online 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday-Friday.

In an emergency call IT Director Artur Morka’s desk at 202-577-2089.
Download the following Acceptable Use Policy documents for your reference.

Lowell Acceptable Use Policy
Middle School Addendum
Remote Learning Release

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