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  • Classroom Placement

    Factors taken into consideration when placing children into the three Pre-Primary classrooms:
    • chronological age
    • developmental readiness
    • diversity and balance in each classroom
    • enrollment
  • The Transition to Kindergarten

    Students beginning the school year at age 4 or older are potentially age-eligible for Kindergarten the following year. The average age in Kindergarten is 5 1/2 with most children beginning at least as old as 5. 

    The decision of when to start Kindergarten is based on developmental readiness as assessed by current teachers against benchmarks that have proven to be effective predictors of success in Kindergarten. Other factors such as emotional sturdiness and the ability to take risks are also considered. The decision is made by the school in discussion wiht the parent(s) or guardian(s).
  • Groupings

    Typical age ranges in the Pre-Primary classrooms:
    • Discovery Room—2.6-year-olds and young 3-year-olds 
    • Explorers Room—older 3-year-olds and 4-year-olds 
    • Adventurers Room—4-year-olds and young 5-year-olds
    • Voyagers Room—4-year-olds and young 5-year-olds
  • After School Care

    Families with children in the All Day Program have the option of signing up for Lowell's After Care program, which operates from 3:15–6:00 pm and can be used on a regular or drop-in basis. The children are also eligible to take some after-school minicourses, instrumental music lessons, and swimming lessons.
  • Potty Training

    Children do not have to be potty trained to enter the Discovery Room. Teachers work with families to help children who are making the transition to school.