Why Pre-K–8th Grade?

An Environment for Empowerment

One of the most important aspects of Lowell School is our intentional Pre-K to 8th grade program. We believe our joyful, responsive environment enables children to advance important interpersonal and academic skills while allowing them the freedom to be children for as long as possible.
In other words, it provides the best of both worlds during a child’s critical developmental years. From what we’ve heard from both parents and students, they couldn’t agree more.

Our Pre-Primary to Middle School environment sets students up for success:
  • Students have opportunities to advance their leadership and communication skills in every division of the school. We know that even very young children can practice these skills and should have meaningful opportunities to develop them early on.
  • With top-notch programs, facilities, and resources focused on and designed especially for children, our students can unleash their creativity, broaden their intellectual inquiries, and learn more deeply.
  • When your child is 2½, it is hard to imagine which high school will be right for them. By 8th grade, students’ strengths and aspirations are much clearer, and we help families find the high school environments that will be the best match.
  • Students and their parents work directly with a team of teachers, administrators, and staff members to establish a strategy for gaining admission to area high schools. Our caring and experienced teachers support students through every step of this important transition.

—Lowell Parent

Kids are free to be who they really are. They can enjoy discovery and being their authentic selves without being introduced to the pressures and dynamics that high school students face.