Mission + Philosophy


Our mission is to create an inclusive community of lifelong learners in which each individual is valued and respected.


Lowell honors the individuality of each child. We give children time and space to grow and nurture the strengths of each individual. A fundamental understanding of the developmental stages of cognitive, social, emotional, and physical growth informs all that we do with children. We foster intellectual and emotional self-reliance, with a guiding value of respect for each other. This approach provides the foundation for children to be highly motivated learners with a strong sense of self-worth and efficacy.

Lowell promotes active, collaborative learning with an emphasis on building conceptual understanding and developing strong creative, critical, and analytical thinking. Carefully designed learning experiences and curricula are integrated across subjects, draw on powerful, relevant content and student interests, and support the development of internal motivation and a strong voice. Learning at Lowell is rigorous: thinking is emphasized over rote learning, and students are expected to use their knowledge and skills creatively and practically. High expectations of students are coupled with appropriate scaffolding so that students know what to aim for and how to get there. In this way, Lowell prepares students to be innovators and achievers who have the flexibility, skills, and inclination to solve problems new and old. 

Lowell is an intentionally diverse school. This is essential in preparing students for a future that will demand deep multicultural understanding, strong collaborative skills, and commitment to one's local community and the larger world. At Lowell, we believe that an inclusive community contributes to intellectual stimulation and nurtures an inquisitive and open mind.